Subj Number Course Title
RP 1002 Backpacking
RP 1011 Sport Hunting
RP 1013 Principles of Recreation and Park Administration
RP 1021 Boating Education
RP 1031 Introduction to Cycling
RP 1041 Principles and Techniques of Fishing
RP 1993 Basic Forest Firefighting
RP 2003 Recreation Programming
RP 2013 Landscape Planning and Design
RP 2033 Recreation Leadership
RP 2133 Introduction to Travel and Tourism
RP 3013 Recreation for Special Populations
RP 3023 Camp Administration
RP 3033 Commercial Recreation
RP 3034 Site Planning and Design
RP 3043 Work Experience
RP 3053 Natural Resource Management and Planning
RP 3063 Outdoor Education
RP 3093 Interpretive Methods
RP 3133 Tourism Planning
RP 3403 Financing Recreation and Parks
RP 3503 Recreational Sport Management
RP 3763 Introduction to Turfgrass Management
RP 3791 Turfgrass Management: Equipment
RP 3793 Turfgrass Pest Control
RP 3993 Wildland Fire Practices in Natural Resource Management
RP 4001 Internship Preparation
RP 4013 Recreation and Park Administration
RP 4023 Research Methods
RP 4042 Field Seminar in Interpretive Methods
RP 4053 Water Resources Development
RP 4063 Park Operations
RP 4073 Principles and Techniques of Therapeutic Recreation
RP 4093 Resort Management
RP 4103 Recreation Law and Policy
RP 4113 Personnel Management in Parks, Recreation, and Hospitality Administration
RP 4116 Internship
RP 4173 Therapeutic Recreation Assessment and Documentation
RP 4273 Administration and Operation of Therapeutic Recreation Programs
RP 4373 Interventions in Therapeutic Recreation
RP 4473 Issues and Trends in Therapeutic Recreation
RP 4753 Sports Field Management and Design
RP 4763 Golf Course Operations and Design
RP 4951 Undergraduate Research in Recreation and Park Administration
RP 4952 Undergraduate Research in Recreation and Park Administration
RP 4953 Undergraduate Research in Recreation and Park Administration
RP 4954 Undergraduate Research in Recreation and Park Administration
RP 4991 Special Problems and Topics
RP 4992 Special Problems and Topics
RP 4993 Special Problems and Topics


RP4373: Interventions in Therapeutic Recreation
Prerequisites: RP 3013, RP 4073, or permission of instructor.

This course is designed to provide an understanding of the various interventions utilized in therapeutic recreation services and to develop technical competencies necessary for the provision of quality therapeutic recreation services. Emphasis will be placed on the skillful application of various processes and techniques utilized to facilitate therapeutic changes in the client.


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This course is currently not offered for this term.