ECED3172: Guiding Young Children I (3-5 years)
Prerequisites: ECED 3043 and ECED 3053 and admission to Stage II.

Co-requisites: ECED 3113, ECED 3122, ECED 3162, ECED 3183, ECED 3192

Emphasis is placed on the guidance and management, individually and in groups, of young children ages 3-5 years. The course focuses on developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood settings. Creation of learning environments that foster social competence, build self- esteem in young children, and assist them in the exploration of ways to independently solve problems and gain self-control are emphasized. This course is connected to the ECED 3122 Practicum.


CRN Section # # Seats Days Time Date Building Room
20027 001 0
MW 1000-1050 14-JAN-13 / 07-MAY-13 TOM 102
20028 AT1 0
- 14-JAN-13 / 07-MAY-13
20029 AT2 0
- 14-JAN-13 / 07-MAY-13