WS2031: Directing Food, Exercise, and Body Composition Programs
Prerequisites: Level 2 courses require completion of the following with a grade of C or better: PE 1201, WS 1002, ENGL 1013, ENGL 1023, MATH 1113, BIOL 1014, and SPH 2173.

The course provides the student with the opportunity to assess their current lifestyle pertaining to the nutrients consumed in the diet and the amount and type of aerobic exercise participation. Special emphasis is placed on the methodology of teaching about the development of an internal locus of control by actively involving the student in self-analysis activities, developing an understanding of nutrient intake and the culminating effects on personal health, and participation in an appropriate aerobic exercise program. The course is structured to provide for the development of knowledge and practices of directing food, exercise, and body composition programs employed to accomplish an individually predicted level of physical fitness.

Laboratory two hours. $25 laboratory fee.

Note: A grade of C or better is required for Health and Physical Education majors.


CRN Section # # Seats Days Time Date Building Room
21053 001 0
TR 1300-1350 11-JAN-16 / 03-MAY-16 HULL 134
TR 1300-1350 11-JAN-16 / 03-MAY-16 HULL 127