PS3133: Applied Principles of Personnel Management
This course supports the needs of professionals whose career fields require competencies in the area of human resources/personnel management. The focus of the course is on the practical application, essential theories, and process of personnel management from the perspective of a generalist. Course content will include the essential aspects of recruitment, selection, training, legal rights and responsibilities, compensation and appraisal.


CRN Section # # Seats Days Time Date Building Room
21264 TC1 0
- 06-JAN-16 / 02-MAR-16
21302 TC3 0
- 09-MAR-16 / 03-MAY-16
21588 TC4 0
- 11-JAN-16 / 03-MAY-16
21589 TC5 0
- 11-JAN-16 / 03-MAY-16
21593 TC7 0
- 11-JAN-16 / 03-MAY-16