PS3003: Project Design
Prerequisites: Completion of PS 3143 and permission of the program advisor.

This course will provide an opportunity for the student to facilitate a process for identifying a specific problem in an actual industry or business environment relevant to the student's specialty area. The student will outline a formal plan of action for identifying the problem. The plan must include a broad scan of the specific area/operation selected including the names and titles of the individuals surveyed for input. The end product will be the development of a formal needs assessment which identifies deficiencies or areas of improvement. The needs should be prioritized on the basis of feasibility, cost, and urgency.


CRN Section # # Seats Days Time Date Building Room
21255 TC1 0
- 06-JAN-16 / 02-MAR-16
21256 TC2 0
- 06-JAN-16 / 02-MAR-16
21257 TC3 0
- 06-JAN-16 / 02-MAR-16
21300 TC4 0
- 09-MAR-16 / 03-MAY-16
21362 TC5 0
- 11-JAN-16 / 03-MAY-16
21367 TC6 0
- 11-JAN-16 / 03-MAY-16
22462 TC7 0
- 06-JAN-16 / 02-MAR-16