EMHS6933: Research I
Prerequisite: EMHS 6103

Create a research proposal resulting in the design of the research project. Defend the research proposal before the research committee, as determined by the EM Department Head and Graduate Program Director. The topic and research design is developed with approval by the Committee Chair, Graduate Program Director, and Dean of Graduate College.


CRN Section # # Seats Days Time Date Building Room
21466 M01 6
W 0800-0950 11-JAN-16 / 03-MAY-16 DN 102
- 11-JAN-16 / 03-MAY-16
22358 TC1 6
- 11-JAN-16 / 03-MAY-16
22560 TC2 12
- 11-JAN-16 / 03-MAY-16