Subj Number Course Title
EDLD 6002 Administrative Law
EDLD 6013 School Organization and Leadership
EDLD 6023 Organizational Change
EDLD 6102 School Finance
EDLD 6113 Action Research and Data Analysis
EDLD 6153 Communication with School and Community
EDLD 6203 Education and Society: Continuities and Discontinuities
EDLD 6253 Instructional Leadership
EDLD 6303 Technology as an Administrative Tool
EDLD 6313 Principles of Curriculum for School Leadership
EDLD 6352 Physical Environment of Schools
EDLD 6402 Working with the Marginal Performer
EDLD 6551 Administrative Internship
EDLD 6552 Administrative Internship
EDLD 6554 Administrative Internship
EDLD 6891 Independent Study
EDLD 6892 Independent Study
EDLD 6893 Independent Study
EDLD 6991 Professional Portfolio
EDLD 7003 Seminar in Systems Issues
EDLD 7013 The Superintendency and Central Office
EDLD 7022 Building a Leadership Community
EDLD 7023 School Board Relations
EDLD 7033 School Personnel and Business Management
EDLD 7101 Administrative Internship in Educational Facilities
EDLD 7112 Advanced Legal Issues
EDLD 7113 Seminar in Current Issues
EDLD 7122 Educational Facilities
EDLD 7132 School Finance for District Level Administration
EDLD 7143 School Accountability Systems
EDLD 7201 Administrative Internship in District Level Finance
EDLD 7202 Administrative Internship in School Accountability Systems
EDLD 7891 Independent Study
EDLD 7892 Independent Study
EDLD 7893 Independent Study
EDLD 8003 Applied Research
EDLD 8013 Scholarly Writing
EDLD 8023 Quantitative Research
EDLD 8033 Qualitative Research
EDLD 8043 Cultural Influences
EDLD 8053 Ethics and Values
EDLD 8063 Dissertation I-Proposal Writing
EDLD 8073 Synthesis Seminar
EDLD 8083 Dissertation II
EDLD 8093 Dissertation III
EDLD 8103 Dissertation IV


EDLD6402: Working with the Marginal Performer
Prerequisite: EDLD 6253

The application of supervision in working with teachers with marginal success is the focus. The course will include a study of mentoring and teacher evaluations systems.


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This course is currently not offered for this term.