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SPH 1003: Introduction to Speech - Communication

ACTS Common Course - SPCH1003

The purpose of this course is to develop within each individual an understanding of the utilitarian and aesthetic dimensions of speech communication and to increase ability to function effectively with others in a variety of communication situations.

SPH 1111,1121: Individual Events Practicum

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Preparation and performance of a variety of public speaking events.

SPH 2003: Public Speaking

Prerequisites: ENGL 1013 or equivalent.

Fundamentals of composition, delivery, and logical reasoning. Effective utilization of basic visual aids will be included.

SPH 2013: Voice and Diction

A course for majors and non-majors. A study of the effective use of the voice, improvement of diction, development of vocabulary, use of the dialects, techniques of radio television announcing, recognition of basic speech disorders.

SPH 2023: Communication Research and Writing

This course teaches majors the fundamentals of conducting scholarly research, accepted citation standards, and effective writing techniques for the communication discipline. Course includes a survey of the sub-areas of the discipline and lecture, discussion, research, presentations, and writing scholarly papers.

SPH 2111,2121: Debate Practicum

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Case research and participation in public debate.

SPH 2173: Business and Professional Speaking

An oral communication course for individuals in business, industry and the professions. Human communication theories and behavioral research are used as a framework for generating competencies in interviewing, briefings, conference leadership, and intergroup coordination.

SPH 3003: Interpersonal Communication

This course emphasizes interpersonal aspects of communication. Central topics are choice making, personal knowledge, creativity and interpersonal relationships. Increased self awareness, understanding of interpersonal relationships and improvement of interpersonal skills are primary goals.

SPH 3013: Intercultural Communication

An examination of communication variables in different cultures and how to better understand and more effectively communicate across diverse cultures.

SPH 3023: Introduction to Linguistics

Cross-listed: ENGL 3023, FR 3023, GER 3023, SPAN 3023

Offered: Fall

Prerequisite: ENGL 1023 or equivalent.

A study of basic concepts of language, comparative characteristics of different languages, and the principles of linguistic investigation.

SPH 3033: Interviewing Principles and Practices

Prerequisite: SPH 2003 or consent of instructor.

A course for both majors and non-majors that uses interviewing theory as a framework for developing skills in preparing for and practicing various types of interviews.

SPH 3043: Advanced Public Speaking

Prerequisite: SPH 2003 or consent of the instructor.

Focuses on enhanced preparation and delivery of advanced forms of public address. Critical analysis of various forms of public discourse and effective utilization of multi-media speech aids will be stressed.

SPH 3063: Oral Interpretation

Theory and practice of intelligent and effective oral reading of prose and poetry.

SPH 3073: Group Communication

Examines theory and procedures used when communicating in groups and teams. Areas of inquiry include principles of group formation and development, working in teams, leadership, conflict management, and discussion methods involving decision-making and policy implementation.

SPH 3111,3121: Debate Practicum

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Case preparation, brief writing, and participation in public debate.

SPH 3123: Argumentation

Prerequisites: SPH 1003, SPH 2003 or equivalent, or consent of instructor.

Designed to develop research, critical thinking, and persuasive speaking ability. Includes lecture, discussion, research, study of debates, classroom debates, and presentations.

SPH 3163: Writing for Performance

Students will learn to communicate orally through the medium of aesthetic texts such as monologues and plays. This course teaches skills necessary to all forms of dramatic writing, with emphasis on plot structure, character development, and dialogue.

SPH 3223: Nonverbal Communication

This course provides an examination of the various methods in which nonverbal communication is utilized in the communication process. Included in the examination will be historical contexts, as well as the effects of physical appearance, touch, proxemics, eye contact, kinesics, and voice.

SPH 4003: Human Communication Theory

Prerequisite: SPH 1003, 2003, and 2023, or consent of instructor.

This capstone theory class integrates learning about speech communication in various contexts. It is an in-depth study of contemporary and traditional perspectives of human communication, and synthesizes major concepts in human communication theory development.

SPH 4053: Speech Communication Seminar

Prerequisite: Junior standing

A course for both majors and non-majors who want to investigate the relationship between human communication and contemporary social, political, and economic issues.

SPH 4063: Organizational Communication

Theories of organizational communication are examined in terms of their practical application to various organizational contexts, including social, political, profit, and nonprofit organizations. Includes lecture, discussion, research, and group projects.

SPH 4111,4121: Individual Events Practicum

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Preparation and performance of a variety of interpretive events.

SPH 4123: Rhetorical Criticism

This course will provide the principles of rhetorical theories as they have developed throughout history, and apply them to the critical analysis of various communication events.

SPH 4153: Persuasive Theory and Audience Analysis

Survey of classical and social science theories of persuasion. Particular emphasis is given to analysis of persuasive strategies, preparation of persuasive appeals, ethics of persuasion, and audience analysis. A consideration of social movements and persuasive campaigns is also included.

SPH 4173: Internship in Speech Communication

Prerequisites: Fifteen semester hours of Speech and SPH 4063, which can be taken concurrently; university grade point average of at least 2.50.

A course that focuses on career goals of students through classroom discussions and places students in communication positions within public and private organizations.

SPH 4701: Special Methods in Speech

Prerequisites: Admission to student teaching phase of the teacher education program.

Co-requisite: SEED 4909

Intensive on campus exploration of the principles of curriculum construction, teaching methods, use of community resources, and evaluation as related to teaching speech.

SPH 4951,4952,4953,4954: Undergraduate Research in Speech

Offered: On demand

Prerequisite: Departmental approval

Advanced students carry out independent research activity relating to a significant problem in a major field of study. Supervised by faculty member. Formal report and presentation required. One to four credits depending on problem selected and effort made

SPH 4991,4992,4993,4994: Special Problems in Speech-Communication

A course for majors only. Students are accepted by invitation of the instructor.