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Special Education Course Descriptions

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SPED 3023: Development & Characteristics of Diverse Learners

This course covers characteristics of children with exceptional learning needs. An emphasis will be placed on typical and atypical development, an overview of various exceptionalities including Giftedness, and the special needs of children from different cultures and language backgrounds. A field experience is required.

SPED 3033: Foundations of Special Education

Prerequisite: admission to Stage II.

This course explores the development of the current administrative system for serving students with diversity. It shows how and why the present system for children with disabilities, children with giftedness, and children of other diversities is used for the benefit of those students. SPED3003 students become prepared not only for teaching diverse populations but also for serving on the IEP and other committees that make important decisions that will affect their futures.

SPED 3153: Planning, Instruction, and Assessment for Students with Disabilities

The primary purpose of this course is to empower elementary (K-6) teacher education candidates to respond effectively to the broad range of needs found in today's classrooms. Student diversity will be considered within the context of an educational framework, focusing specifically on an array of exceptionalities but also taking into consideration other influences, such as: culture, class, gender, language, etc. The need and means to provide effective learning opportunities for all students through varied teaching and learning in the classroom will be cultivated. Through a variety of hands-on activities, students will focus on the evaluation, creation and application of effective, research based planning, instruction and assessments strategies for creating classrooms which foster educational equality for all exceptional children.