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Coeducational Activities (May be taken for General Education credit)

RP 1002: Backpacking

This course is an introduction to basic backpacking skills, equipment, food, and backcountry travel. Day hikes and overnight hikes.

Note: Students will need to provide own personal equipment (backpack, sleeping bag, etc.) and be willing to share tents, stoves, cooking gear, etc. with other students in the course. Some students may need to borrow or purchase such gear depending on the equipment owned by members of the class.

$50 course fee required.

RP 1011: Sport Hunting

An introduction to the fundamentals of sport hunting, materials, and personal skills. Emphasis on state game laws, personal equipment and usage, game species and their natural habitats, and firearm safety. Arkansas Hunter Safety certification awarded with successful completion.

RP 1021: Boating Education

This course will take students through the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Boating Guide. Those who successfully complete the course will be awarded Boating Safety Certification. A variety of audio visual presentations will be used, and participation in one weekend day of actual boating experience is required. Certification is awarded upon completion.

RP 1031: Introduction to Cycling

Introduction to Cycling is designed to introduce the beginner biker to the basics needed for lifelong enjoyment of this recreational activity and sport. Students will be introduced to techniques of road cycling and off-road cycling. Emphasis on choosing clothing and equipment, maintenance, and riding skills. Students will have riding opportunities at area trails, as well as classroom instruction.

Note: Participants are expected to provide their own bikes and associated gear and equipment.

$50 fee required to cover transportation to area trails.

RP 1041: Principles and Techniques of Fishing

This course provides an introduction to the sport of fishing. Students will learn to identify species of freshwater fish, emphasizing fish inhabiting Arkansas streams and lakes. Students will learn casting techniques, ethics, catch-and-release techniques, knot tying, and lure and bait selection. Cleaning and cooking your catch of the day will be covered.

Note: Arkansas fishing license required. Bring your own pole and tackle. Field trips to area fishing holes.

$10 laboratory fee.