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Elementary Education Course Descriptions

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ELED 2003: Educational Research and the Teacher as a Lifelong Learner

This course provides potential teacher education candidates with the knowledge base and practice in the skills needed to locate educational research information; analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the complied materials; professionally communicate these findings to others; and examine, observe, and reflect upon research applications in the school setting.

ELED 3113: Human Development and Learning Theories

This course is a study of the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development of the individual beginning with the early childhood period and continuing through early adolescence. This course also provides lateral entry teachers an introduction to learning theory, various styles of learning, and motivational factors involved in the learning process. Emphasis is placed on the development of cognitive skills using the eight types of intelligence and applying these to practical classroom situations. Upon completion, students should be able to describe theories and styles of learning. This course includes an on-site field experience.

ELED 3123: Diagnosis and Assessment of Elementary Students

This course is designed to develop preservice teachers with who can successfully implement the design and implementation of current best practices in assessment and who can utilize assessment data to plan, evaluate and promote instructional achievement in a 21st Century standards-based classroom.

ELED 3133: Integrated Curriculum

This course is designed to provide teacher candidates with an overview of how to develop teaching/learning strategies and to integrate curriculum in the elementary classroom. Emphasis is placed on helping teachers adapt techniques, choose materials, and design units that integrate multiple content areas across a student-centered curriculum.

ELED 3143: Teaching Methods K-6 Social Studies

This course is an introduction to teaching powerful social studies in the elementary classroom. Based on current theory and research and with particular emphasis on active citizenship and diversity, the course develops instructional decision-makers who will utilize innovative and effective practice and resources for teaching meaningful social studies. This course also informs about best practice in the field.

ELED 4033: Classroom and Behavior Management

This course is designed to provide elementary teacher candidates a foundation for operating an effective and efficient 21st Century classroom. Best practices in creating a respectful and responsive culture for learning will be presented. Emphasis will be placed on establishing high expectations for learning, achievement and behavior, including ways to manage the classroom environment and organizational approaches that encourage elementary students to take responsibility for their own learning and their own behavior. Strategies for classroom management, classroom organization and behavior management will be analyzed.

ELED 4912: Internship in Elementary Education

Prerequisite: Admission to Internship.

(Twelve hour course.) An intensive field experience which culminates the elementary education program. Students will spend time in elementary education (K-6) environments applying their knowledge and skills in reflective decision making with children and families.

$100 course fee.