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Business Data Analytics Course Descriptions

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BDA 2003: Business Problem Solving

Prerequisites: BUAD 2003 with a 'C' or better or COMS 2003 with a 'C' or better or permission of instructor.

This course is designed to provide students training in solving business problems. Students will work individually and in groups on projects to learn and apply various problem solving frameworks, methods, and tools to realistic business situations. Frameworks include general problem solving, systems thinking, critical thinking, and ethical reasoning. Methods and tools include project management, communication and coordination techniques, quantitative models, and software applications.

BDA 2013: Business Spreadsheet Modeling

Offered: Fall

Prerequisites: BUAD 2003, BDA 2003, MATH 2223

This is an introductory course for business major undergraduate students. The main objective of the course is to teach how to solve problems arising in modern business environments using Microsoft Excel. The course will begin by teaching common tools available in Microsoft Excel. Then it will introduce the students to a variety of analytical problems arising in modem businesses and present ways in which these problems can be solved using Microsoft Excel.

BDA 3003: Data Analytics Apps Development

Offered: Fall

Prerequisites: BDA 2013 and BDA 2053 or permission of instructor

This course covers how business data analysts develop software applications to retrieve and analyze data and provide information and business intelligence useful to solve business problems, to support business decisions, and to determine business tactics and strategy. Students will learn how to design appropriate logic and user interfaces for business data analytic software as well as write and debug professional code in a typical production environment. The student will develop a set of standard data analysis techniques representing typical approaches to solving business intelligence problems.

BDA 3033: Data Modeling and Management

Offered: Fall

Prerequisite: BDA 2003 or permission of the instructor

This course covers how databases are constructed and managed so that business data analysts can store, update, manage, retrieve, and process data. Students will learn to design, implement, and use databases to create information and business intelligence useful for solving problems, making business decisions, and determining business strategy and tactics. The content addresses how to design effective and efficient data models, implement data models in commonly used database management systems, retrieve and process that data, present information to clients and managers, and address the main issues and tradeoffs in database administration.

BDA 3053: Business Data Analysis

Offered: Spring

Prerequisites: COMS 2003 or BUAD 2003 and BDA 2003 and BUAD 2053 with a "C" or better.

This course explores the development of exploratory and predictive models for managers and business decision-makers. Specific tools addressed include analysis of variance (ANOVA), multiple regression, factor analysis, cluster analysis, logistic regression, and path analysis. Emphasis is on analyzing data using statistical software, visualizing and interpreting the results of those analyses and translating results into clear and simple insights to aid managerial decision making.

BDA 4003: Business Intelligence

Offered: Spring

Prerequisites: BDA 3003, BDA 3033 with a 'C' or better, BDA 3053 with a 'C' or better or permission of instructor.

This course covers how data analysts can process large data sets from a variety of sources to create information by that guides leaders in crafting strategy and tactics which allow an organization to survive and thrive in a turbulent environment. Students will review how business intelligence has been created and successfully used in the past and learn appropriate processes and a variety of techniques to accomplish this transformation. The course also addresses professional and ethical conduct with respect to data mining and use of business intelligence.

BDA 4031,4032,4033: Internship

Offered: As needed

Prerequisites: Cumulative GPA greater than 2.50, junior standing, and approval of the instructor, department head, and dean.

A supervised, practical experience providing undergraduate BDA majors with a hands-on professional experience in a position relating to an area of career interest. The student will work in a local cooperating business establishment under the supervision of a member of management of that firm. A College of Business faculty member will observe and consult with the students and the management of the cooperating firm periodically during the period of the internship. Students will be required to make oral reports in the classroom, maintain an internship log, and prepare a final term paper.

Note: Only three hours of internship may be used to satisfy the curriculum requirements for Business Data Analytics electives. Additional hours may be used to satisfy the curriculum requirements for general electives.

BDA 4073: Special Topics

Offered: As needed

Prerequisites: Cumulative GPA greater than 2.0, Junior Standing, BDA 2013, and BDA 3053 or approval of Instructor.

This course offers an in-depth exploration of selected business data analytics topics. The primary topic will vary from offering to offering; thus, the course may be taken more than once.