Undergraduate Catalog


The following abbreviations are used in describing curricula listed in this catalog.

College of Arts and Humanities (AH)

AMST American Studies LAT Latin
ANTH Anthropology MUSM Museum
ART Art MUS Music
CHIN Chinese  PHIL Philosophy
CJ Criminal Justice POLS Political Science
ENGL English PSY Psychology
FR French READ Reading
GEOG Geography RS Rehabilitation Science
GER German RUSS Russian
HIST History SOC Sociology
HUM Humanities SPAN Spanish
JOUR Journalism SPH Speech
JPN Japanese TH Theatre

College of Business (BA)

ACCT Accounting FIN Finance 
BUAD Business Administration MGMT Management
BDA Business Data Analytics MKT Marketing
BLAW Business Law VOBE Vocational Business Education
ECON Economics    

College of Education (ED)

CSP College Student Personnel MLED Middle Level Education
DE Driver Education PE Physical Education
ECED Early Childhood Education RDNG Reading Elementary Education
EDMD Educational Media SEED Secondary Education
ELED Elementary Education SPED Special Education
HLED Health Education WS Wellness Science
LBMD Library Media    

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (AS)

AGAS Agricultural Animal Science AGSS Agricultural Soil Science
AGBU Agricultural Business & Economics COMS Computer and Information Science
AGED Agricultural Education CUL Culinary Management
AGEG Agricultural Engineering/ Mechanization ELEG Electrical Engineering
AGLE Agricultural Leadership EAM Emergency Management
AGME Agricultural Mechanization HA Hospitality Administration
AGPM Agricultural Pest Management MCEG Mechanical Engineering
AGPS Agricultural Plant Science RP Recreation & Park Administration

College of Natural and Health Sciences (NHS)

AHS Allied Health Science MATH Mathematics
BIOL Biology MEDT Medical Technology
CHEM Chemistry NUR Nursing
FW Fisheries & Wildlife Science NURN Nursing for Registered Nurses
GEOL Geology PHSC Physical Science
HIM Health Information Management PHYS Physics

College of Professional Studies and Community Outreach (PS)

ECE Early Childhood Education (Associate Degree only) PS Professional Studies

Inter-College Areas

HONR Honors Program MS Military Science
TECH University Orientation