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Early Childhood Education (AS) Course Descriptions

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Associate Degree Program

ECE 2113: Basic Child Growth and Development

A study of the various developmental principles affecting the individual from the prenatal period through early adolescence. The course includes observational experiences in settings for young children.

ECE 2313: Foundations and Theories in Early Childhood Education

An introduction to the profession including historical and social foundations, awareness of value issues, ethical and legal issues, staff relations, and the importance of becoming an advocate for children and families.

ECE 2513: Curriculum for Early Childhood Education

Prerequisite or Co-requisite: ECE 2113

A study and application in the field of the theoretical base for early learning. Covers curriculum for young children based on research and theory.

ECE 2613: Methods and Materials Using Developmentally Appropriate Practices and Activities for Young Children

Prerequisite or Co-requisite: ECE 2113

A combination of classroom and field based experiences stressing developmentally appropriate techniques and materials fostering successful development and learning in young children.

ECE 2991,2992,2993,2994,2995,2996,2997,2998,2999: Practicum in Early Childhood Education

Prerequisites: Completion of 12 hours of ECE courses taken for meeting assessment requirements for the Child Development Associate credential.

Variable credit available for documented early childhood training related to the principles and procedures which support the development and operation of an effective early childhood education program. Credit may also be awarded for portfolio development for the Child Development Associate assessment. Equivalencies for awarding credit will be determined by the advisor in accordance with guidelines of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Additional coursework approved by the advisor may be applied toward any balance of credit needed to complete the nine hours.