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LAT 1013
Beginning Latin I

Instruction in the fundamentals necessary to read and write the language.

Note: Advanced placement and credit by examination are available to students who have previously studied Latin.

LAT 1023
Beginning Latin II

Prerequisite: LAT 1013 or equivalent.

A continuation of LAT 1013.

LAT 2013
Intermediate Latin I

Prerequisite: LAT 1023 or equivalent.

A study designed to continue the development of fundamental skills and to give a general reading knowledge of Latin and acquaintance with classical Latin literature, history, and philosophy.

LAT 2023
Intermediate Latin II

A continuation of LAT 2013.

LAT 3001
Greek and Latin Scientific Terminology

The course is designed to assist students with their understanding of English words which have their roots in Greek or Latin. Students who in their course of study need to know specialized vocabulary, such as science, math, pre-med, pre-law and nursing majors, will find this course extremely helpful.

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