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HLED 1513
Personal Health and Wellness

The course is designed to motivate students toward an individual responsibility for their health status and an improved quality of life. An introspective study of personal lifestyle behavior is encouraged. The interrelationship of the multi causal factors which directly affect health status and the various dimensions of personal health are addressed.

HLED 3203
Consumer Health Programs

A study of current health services and the products offered by health providers to the health consumer and an examination of various diseases and disorders.

HLED 4303
Methods and Materials in Health for Grades K-12

Exploration of teaching methods and strategies, use of school and community resources, and evaluation related to teaching health in grades K 12.

HLED 4403
Nutrition and Physical Fitness

Prerequisite: PE 2653

A health education course which is designed to familiarize students with food as it relates to optimal health and performance. Focus is on nutrition as it affects the physical work capacity of humans from resting states to high output performance.

HLED 4991, 4992, 4993
Special Problems in Health

Prerequisite: Consent of department head

Independent work on approved health topics under the individual guidance of a faculty member.

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