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HIM 1001
Health Information Management Orientation

Offered: Fall

An introductory course with emphasis on the basics of health information management as related to career choices, giving the student a better understanding of opportunities in the field. The course will also focus on helping the student develop good study skills, career goals, and understand policies and information needed for a successful college career.

HIM 2033
Coding Principles Medical Office

Prerequisites: AHS 2013, 1023, BIOL 2004, or permission of instructor.

A study of medical coding using ICD-9-CM and CPT codes in the medical office. Students will be taught to evaluate patients' medical records to correctly assign both diagnostic and procedural codes required for healthcare reimbursement in the medical office setting.

HIM 3023
Introduction to Health Information Management

Offered: Fall

Prerequisite: Admission to the HIM Program.

A study of the history of health records, professional ethics, the functions of a health information department, retention of records, medical forms, health information practices, and responsibilities to healthcare administration, medical staff, and other medical professionals.

HIM 3033
Basic Coding Principles

Offered: Fall

Prerequisites: BIOL 2004, AHS 2013, or permission of instructor.

An in depth study of the principles of disease and procedural coding using the ICD 9 CM classification system. Areas emphasized during the course include: the purpose of coding, the definition of key terms, accurate application of coding principles, methods to assure quality data, and a review of the impact of prospective reimbursement on the function of coding.

HIM 3043
Advanced Concepts in Health Information

Offered: Fall

Prerequisite: HIM 3023

A study of such advanced concepts as quality improvement, utilization review, licensure and accreditation standards, medical staff, and interdisciplinary relationships.

HIM 3132
Health Data and Statistics

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: HIM 3023 or permission of instructor.

A study of the methods of recording diagnoses and operations by recognized systems of disease, procedural and pathological nomenclatures and classification systems, manual and computerized systems of indexing and abstracting, research and statistical techniques, and health information data handling.

HIM 3133
Alternative Health Records

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: HIM 3023

A study of health record requirements in non- traditional settings such as cancer programs, ambulatory care facilities, mental health centers, and long term care facilities.

HIM 3153
Current Issues in Health Information Management

Prerequisite: HIM 3023

An in-depth study of the latest issues affecting the field of health information management. Specific topics will vary to reflect emerging technology including such topics as eHIM, electronic health records, personal health records and HIPAA privacy concepts.

HIM 4034
Advanced Coding Principles

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: HIM 3033

A continuation of HIM 3033, dealing with advanced principles of coding using ICD-9-CM and CPT-4. Experience with coding of health records as well as DRG grouping and the administrative aspects of coding will be emphasized.

Note: May not be taken for credit after completion of HIM 4032.

$10 lab fee.

HIM 4063
Organization and Administration

Offered: Fall

Prerequisites: HIM 3023 and senior standing.

A study of the application of the principles of organization, administration, supervision, human relations, work methods, and organizational patterns in the health information department. The duties and relationships of the health information manager and the social forces affecting the department and current trends in hospital and medical care are investigated.

HIM 4073
Legal Concepts for the Health Fields

Offered: Spring

Prerequisites: HIM 3023 and senior standing, or permission of instructor.

A study of the principles of law as applied to the health field. Consideration is given to the importance of health records as legal documents as well as a general introduction to the law, administration of the law, legal aspects of healthcare facility and medical staff organization, release of information, confidential communication and consents and authorizations.

HIM 4083
Health Organization Trends

Offered: Spring

Prerequisites: HIM 3023 and senior standing, or permission of instructor.

A comprehensive review of the trends and changes in the healthcare field. Historical aspects of healthcare organization and governmental health agencies are reviewed. Emphasis is placed on current events in the healthcare arena.

HIM 4092
Research in Health Information Management

Offered: Spring

Prerequisites: HIM 3023 and senior standing.

A study of the specific research methodology used in a health information management setting. Emphasis will be given to hands on performance of research in conjunction with area health care facilities and agencies. Formal presentation of research will also be a component of the course.

HIM 4153
Principles of Disease

Offered: Spring

Prerequisites: AHS 2013, BIOL 2004, and permission of instructor.

An introduction to medical science, including the etiology, treatment and prognosis of various diseases. Emphasis is given to the medical information as viewed from the standpoint of a health information management professional.

HIM 4182
Professional Practice Experience I

Offered: Fall

Prerequisites: HIM 3023, HIM 3043, HIM 3133, HIM 3132 and HIM 3033

Active participation within an actual health information management department providing a supervised learning experience through which the student develops insight, understanding, and skills in health information procedures, accepts responsibilities and recognizes the need for confidentiality.

$20 laboratory fee.

HIM 4292
Professional Practice Experience II

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: HIM 4182

A supervised learning experience through which the student learns to recognize the contribution of and learns to work with other professional and nonprofessional personnel, learns to recognize and deal with personnel problems in a health information department.

$10 laboratory fee.

HIM 4892
Seminar in Health Information

Offered: First summer term

Co-requisite: HIM 4895

A seminar, utilizing the case method approach, on problem situations encountered in the field of health information management. This course includes discussion of problems that arise during their affiliation experience.

HIM 4895

Offered: First summer term

Prerequisites: Successful completion of all required HIM courses except HIM 4892.

Provides the student with a four-week management experience in the activities and responsibilities of the health information management professional. Augments theoretical instruction received during previous courses. Student is actively involved in the management process while under direct supervision of a qualified health information management professional.

Note: Although every effort is made to secure a convenient locale, the student must assume full financial responsibility for this assignment.

$10 laboratory fee.

HIM 4951, 4952, 4953, 4954
Undergraduate Research in Health Information Management

Offered: On demand

Prerequisite: Departmental approval

Advanced students carry out independent research activity relating to a significant problem in a major field of study. Supervised by faculty member. Formal report and presentation required. One to four credits depending on problem selected and effort made.

HIM 4983
Systems Analysis for Health Information Management

Offered: Fall

Prerequisites: COMS 1003, COMS 2003, HIM 3023, and senior standing.

A course designed to provide a detailed study of the relationship between health information management departments and computerized information systems. Students will learn from a variety of projects related directly to the clinical setting.

HIM 4991, 4992, 4993, 4994
Special Problems in Health Information Management

Open to health information management senior students only. The problems will vary to fit the needs of the student and reflect the continual changes in the allied health field.

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