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GEOG 2013
Regional Geography of the World

A survey of major regions with particular emphasis upon Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Orient, the Mid East, Africa, and Latin America.

GEOG 2023
Human Geography

A systematic treatment of the major concepts of human geography and their application to modern problems. consideration of population, cultural patterns and processes, political organization of space, agricultural and rural land use, industrialization and economic development, and cities and urban land use.

GEOG 2833
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Prerequisite: COMS 2003 or permission of the instructor.

An introductory course dealing with computer organized spatial and attribute data. GIS is a system of specialized computer programs with the capability to manipulate and analyze data for problem solving.

GEOG 3033
Physical Geography

A description and interpretation of the physical features of the surface zone of the earth and how man interrelates with this complex natural environment.

GEOG 3113
Geography of the United States and Canada

A regional study emphasizing the physical and cultural aspects of Anglo America.

GEOG 3303
Geography of Latin America

A regional study of the lands and people of Latin America and their interrelationships. Particular attention will be given to Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

GEOG 3413
Geography of Europe

A regional study of the physical and cultural aspects of Europe (including the C.I.S.) and their interrelationships.

GEOG 3703
Geography of Asia

A regional study of the lands and peoples of Asia and their interrelationships with particular emphasis on India, China, and Japan.

GEOG 3803
Historical Geography

Prerequisite: GEOG 2013

A study of how space and plaec is transformed through time. Through a focus on the geographies of the past throughout North America, this course examines the ways humans interact with the environment to create a material-cultural landscape.

GEOG 4023
Economic Geography

A study of the resources at man's disposal and his economic activities in utilizing these resources. Special attention is given to industrial and agricultural resources of leading nations.

Note: May not be repeated for credit as GEOG 5023 or equivalent.

GEOG 4203
Place and Collective Memory

Prerequisite: GEOG 2013

An examination of the way society remembers the past and portrays this collective memory through socially constructed monuments.

GEOG 4803
Seminar in Global Studies

A seminar on current world geographic influences that affect the nations of the world, such as demographics, complex environmental and physical changes, and political and economic relationships.

GEOG 4951, 4952, 4953, 4954
Undergraduate Research in Geography

Offered: On demand

Prerequisite: Departmental approval

Advanced students carry out independent research activity relating to a significant problem in a major field of study. Supervised by faculty member. Formal report and presentation required. One to four credits depending on problem selected and effort made.

GEOG 4983
Geography Seminar:

A directed seminar in an area of cultural geography. The specific focus will depend upon research under way, community or student need, and the unique educational opportunity available.

May be repeated for credit if course content changes.
(for a maximum of six hours)

GEOG 4993
Special Problems in Geography

Admission requires consent of department head.

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