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(Additional prerequisites for 3000-level and 4000-level courses are listed in the College of Business section of this catalog.)

BUAD 1003
Introduction to Business Systems

The purpose of "Introduction to Business Systems" is to orient students to the business disciplines and business expectations including professionalism and ethics. Topics examined include business fundamentals such as accounting, finance, management, marketing, information technology and a basic understanding of economic factors. The course also provides an overview of the College of Business programs, the College of Business core curriculum (including course requirements, student responsibilities, and study skills), and an overview of business career options.

Note: This course cannot be taken for credit after completion of any upper division (3-4000 level) College of Business course.

BUAD 1023

Instruction and supervised practice in basic keyboarding skills with emphasis on alphabetic and numeric keyboard, ten-key pad, and basic applications transferable to computer terminal keyboards. The purpose of the course is to prepare Business Education majors for teaching secondary education students how to use computer and typewriter keyboards. The course is required by Business Education majors, but may be taken by other majors as well.

Note: May not be taken for credit after successful completion of BUAD 2002.

BUAD 2003
Business Information Systems

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing

An introduction to business information systems with emphasis on concepts and applications utilizing spreadsheets, word processing, and database management as productivity tools; provides basic rationale for using computers in generating and managing information necessary for the business decision making process.

BUAD 2043
Principles of Word Processing

Prerequisites: BUAD 1023 or BUAD 2003 or COMS 1003

A course designed to develop technology skills using current software; application documents include letters, memos, reports, tables, desktop publishing, and graphics for business as well as personal use.

BUAD 2053
Business Statistics

Prerequisites: COMS 1003, COMS 2003, BUAD 2003 or MGMT 2013, and MATH 2223 or any higher level math course.

This course reviews basic descriptive statistics and probability distributions. The course introduces inferential statistics and their application to business problems. Topics covered include data collection, the t-tests for one sample, matched-pairs, and independent groups, the F-test for one and two-way analysis of variance, the z-test for one and two proportions, the chi-square tests for independence and goodness of fit, the t- and F- tests as they relate to simple and multiple regression, control charts, time-series analysis, the visual display of quantitative information, and the reporting of results. Problems are addressed using technology such as statistical calculators and advanced statistical software.

BUAD 3023
Business Communications

Prerequisites: 6 hours of English Composition and COMS 1003 or BUAD 2003. Additional prerequisites for 3000 and 4000 level courses are listed in the College of Business section of this catalog.

Course includes principles of effective business communication using technology to generate documents including letters, memos, and reports; international, ethical, legal, and interpersonal topics are integrated throughout the course.

BUAD 3123

A study of the basic principles of management and organizational behavior including planning, organizing, leading, controlling, staffing, decision making, ethics, interpersonal influence, and group behavior; and organizational change and development.

BUAD 3143

This course covers marketing fundamentals, consumer behavior, the retailing and wholesaling systems, marketing functions, marketing policies, marketing costs, critical appraisal of marketing, marketing ethics and social responsibility, and the relationship between marketing, society, and the government.

BUAD 3393
Small Business Firm Planning

Application of business planning principles to the creation and operation of small-scale enterprises. The emphasis for this course is on the preparation and implementation of business plans for small firms. Focus will be given to plans used for business strategy and for seeking financial investment in the firm.

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