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AHS 1023
Basic Pharmacology with an Overview of Microbiology

Enrollment is limited to medical assistant and health information management majors. Topics to be covered in addition to introductory pharmacology will include basic chemistry as it applies to the medical laboratory and a brief overview of microbiology and immunology. Basic pharmacology as it relates to the drug interaction with each of the body systems and classifications of drugs will be covered. Students will utilize the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) in the course.

AHS 2013
Medical Terminology

A study of the language of medicine including word construction, definition, and use of terms related to all areas of medical science, hospital service, and the allied health specialties.

Note: Duplicate credit for AHS 2013 and 3013 will not be allowed.

AHS 2022
Medical Laboratory Orientation and Instrumentation, Laboratory

Offered: Fall

Prerequisites: a grade of "C" or higher in BIOL 1114 or BIOL 2124.

Enrollment is limited to students enrolled in BIOL 2023. Topics covered will include laboratory orientation, laboratory procedures/ techniques, introduction to clinical laboratory instrumentation (both manual and automated), quality control principles, and care of equipment.

Laboratory four hours per week. $10 laboratory fee.

AHS 2023
Medical Laboratory Orientation and Instrumentation

Offered: Fall

Prerequisites: Enrollment is limited to medical assistant and/or medical technology majors who have completed at least BIOL 1114 or BIOL 2124 (AHS 2013 recommended) with a grade of "C" or higher and are in the final year of their program at Tech.

This course is concerned with both the theoretical and practical application of a wide range of clinical duties performed by the medical assistant and medical technologist. Topics covered will include hematology, urinalysis, hematostatic processes, body chemistry, microbiology, and blood typing.

AHS 2032
Medical Assistant Clinical Practice Laboratory

Offered: Spring

Co-requisites: Enrollment is limited to medical assistant majors who are enrolled in AHS 2034 and in the final semester before the medical assistant externship assignment.

This course is designed to allow for practice in locale area clinics. Students will complete a two-hour laboratory in the simulated lab and will be assigned to three hours in area clinics on a weekly basis. While at the medical facility students will apply the theories and concepts covered in AHS 2023 and AHS 2034.

Five-hour laboratory weekly. $10 laboratory fee.

AHS 2033
Coding Principles for Medical Office

Prerequisites: AHS 2013, 1023, BIOL 2004, or permission of instructor.

A study of medical coding using ICD-9-CM and CPT codes in the medical office. Students will be taught to evaluate patients' medical records to correctly assign both diagnostic and procedural codes required for healthcare reimbursement in the medical office setting.

AHS 2034
Medical Assistant Clinical Practice

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: AHS 2023 and 2022. Enrollment is limited to medical assistant majors.

Topics covered will include examination room techniques, sterilization procedures, operation and care of electrocardiograph, assisting with minor surgery, physiotherapy, pharmacology, medications and specialist assisting. Students must subscribe to malpractice liability insurance.

AHS 2044
Medical Assistant Administrative Practice

Offered: Fall

Prerequisite: AHS 2013. This course is open only to medical assistant majors in the final part of the program or by permission of the medical assistant program director.

A survey course emphasizing the business administrative duties of the medical assistant. Course content will include working with patients, medical records, medical dictation, office procedures, and office management. Student must subscribe to malpractice liability insurance.

Lecture three hours, laboratory two hours. $10 laboratory fee.

AHS 2053
Computers in the Medical Office with an Overview of Insurance Procedures

Offered: Spring

Prerequisites: HIM 2003, AHS 2044. This course is open only to medical assistant majors in the final part of the program or by permission of the medical assistant program director.

This course will prepare the medical assistant to work as an administrative medical assistant in a health care facility. Students are introduced to the computerization of the medical office using current operating systems. Topics covered will include recording information on patients, scheduling appointments, printing reports, producing patient statements and claim forms, and filing electronic claims.

AHS 2055

Offered: First summer term

Prerequisites: Completion of all other required courses in medical assistant curriculum.

The course is scheduled at the end of the program. It shall include the opportunity to perform various clinical and administrative procedures under supervision. The student will remain in a medical facility for a period of four weeks. Assignments may be made anywhere in Arkansas; students must assume the full financial responsibility for this assignment. A seminar will be scheduled for the fifth week. Student must subscribe to malpractice liability insurance.

AHS 2061
Medical Assistant Seminar

Offered: First summer term

Prerequisite: AHS 2055

An one week seminar scheduled for the week following the externship. Topics discussed will be based on those arising from the student's experiences while on his/her externship. Employment procedures will also be covered.

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