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AGPM 3104
Introduction to Entomology

Cross-listed: BIOL 3104

This course will introduce the student to insect diversity and the identification of the major families of insects. Laboratory time will be spent learning family characteristics and collecting and preserving insect specimens. Lecture will consist of topics such as insect diversity, morphology and physiology.

$25 course fees.

AGPM 3124
Applied Pest Control

Prerequisites: AGPS 1003, AGPM 3104, AGPS 3053, Junior standing or consent of instructor.

Advanced concepts and techniques used in modern pest control practices and the chemistry and environmental fate of pesticides.

AGPM 4103
Integrated Pest Management

Prerequisite: AGPS 1003, Junior standing or consent of instructor.

A systematic approach utilizing biological, cultural and genetic control methods to suppress pest numbers in agroecosystems.

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