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Arkansas Center for Energy, Natural Resources, and Environmental Studies

Dr. Jason Patton, Interim Director

The Center, with the cooperation of various components of Arkansas Tech University, other state agencies and institutions, and professional staff, has the responsibility of planning and conducting competent research, investigations, demonstrations, and experiments of either a basic or applied nature, or both, in relation to energy, natural resources and the environment. The Center is committed to providing Arkansas Tech University students opportunities for involvement in these various projects.

Additional information may be obtained by writing or calling Dr. Jason Patton at the Arkansas Center for Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, 1701 N. Boulder Avenue, Russellville, Arkansas 72801; telephone (479) 968-0676.”

eTECH (The Distance and Electronic Learning Program of Arkansas Tech University)

Ken Wester, Director
Ross Pendergraft Library and Technology Center
Room 322 (479) 964-0567

The distance and electronic learning program of Arkansas Tech University (eTECH) was established in response to the changing higher education environment. The distance and electronic learning programs that comprise eTECH are an integral part of the overall academic program at Arkansas Tech University. The goal of eTECH is to provide a single focal point for On-Line Resources that are made available to extend the instructional programs of Arkansas Tech University. Courses offered through eTECH are fully accredited and, in some cases, an entire degree may be completed electronically without the need for actually visiting the campus.

Undergraduate students who require remediation, based on their ACT scores, must check with the Office of the Registrar to determine their eligibility to enroll in eTECH courses.

Students may apply for admission and registration through the Arkansas Tech University Web Site or by visiting the campus. You can learn more about eTECH and the courses offered by visiting

Military Science

Reserve Officers’ Training Corps
Adjunct Faculty
Bryan Hall, Room 118
(479) 498-6069 (Tech)
(501) 450-3145 (UCA)

Arkansas Tech University students may enroll in military science courses offered on the Arkansas Tech Campus by the Department of Military Science at the University of Central Arkansas at Conway under a cross enrollment agreement. The objective of the department is to provide a basic military education and, in conjunction with the goals of Tech, to develop individual attributes essential to an Army officer. Instruction covers military fundamentals common to all branches of the military service.

Courses are open to all students. Requirements for enrollment in military science courses are as follows:

  1. Student must be enrolled at Tech and remain at or above the University’s probationary level.
  2. When contracted by the Department of Military Science, students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00; ROTC scholarship recipients must maintain a 2.50 GPA or better. Registration for military science courses is accomplished at the same time and in the same manner as registration for other courses through Tech. Students interested in this program may obtain further information by contacting the ROTC Department at (479) 498-6069.

Arkansas Tech Museum

Judith C. Stewart-Abernathy, Director
1502 North El Paso Avenue Techionery - Museum
(479) 964-0826

Theresa Jureka-Johnson, Education Coordinator
Donna Park,
Collections Manager
Laurie Boyce, Store Manager

The mission of this Museum is to provide a center for collections, conservation, interpretation, and research concerned with the people and events of the Arkansas River Valley of western Arkansas, making this knowledge and interpretation available to the community served by Arkansas Tech University. Museum interpretation focuses on the establishment, history, and development of Arkansas Tech University, seeking to tell a compelling story of the places, events, and individuals making up the University’s history.

The museum officially opened in April 1992 and accepts visitors between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday, as well as by special appointment, for evening lectures, and through events. Each Spring semester, the Museum offers a course entitled Interpretation/Education through Museum Methods, listed as MUSM (ANTH, HIST) 4403(5403).