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AGEG 3003

Prerequisite: Junior standing and fulfill general education mathematics requirements. This course will use dimensional analysis to solve agriculturally oriented problems such as irrigation, fertilizer, and organic matter application rates; energy cost-estimates; pump sizing for heads and flow rates; dilution factors; and feed ingredient selection. The course will use computers and such programs as MathCad and Microsoft Excel.

AGEG 3203

Prerequisite: Junior standing or consent of instructor. Causes and control of soil and water losses; methods of erosion control; relationship of soil and water conservation to forest, recreation, pollution and wildlife management.

AGEG 3213

Prerequisite: Junior standing or consent of instructor. An introductory course in the problems of water supplies from surface sources and underground aquifers. Practices to develop supplies, to protect sources, and maintain water quality will be emphasized. Lecture three hours.

AGEG 3413

Prerequisites: MATH 1113, CHEM 1114, and AGSS 2014 A study of potential adverse environmental quality problems associated with agricultural operations, current trends and innovative solutions to waste management problems, and current legal constraints and regulating agencies.

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