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Career Pathways Initiative

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Jessica Birchler
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The Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative is a program that enables Arkansas Tech University - Ozark Campus to offer, to those who qualify, help with overcoming the barriers that keep parents from receiving the training and education needed to succeed in today's workforce. Career Pathways provides parents with services and resources needed to capture high wage / high demand careers.

Career Pathways provides a framework for connecting a series of educational programs with integrated work experience and support services. This combination of structured learning creates achievable stepping-stones for career advancement of adult workers and increases the pool of qualified workers needed by Arkansas employers.

Features of the Career Pathways program include:

To be eligible for Career Pathways you must:

Size of Family Annual Income Limit
1 $27,225
2 $36,775
3 $46,325
4 $55,875
5 $65,425
6 $74,975
7 $84,525
8 $94,075
For each additional person, add $9,000

Student Services and Conference Center
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