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Cardiovascular Technology

Program Chair
Kristen Wendling
Chaffee Crossing, Fort Smith
(479) 434-5298

Clinical Instructor
Candace Harkreader

Students who complete the non-invasive Cardiovascular Technology (CVT) program of study will be prepared to enter the health care field in echo cardiography labs as adult echocardiographers. The adult echocardiographer uses ultrasound imaging technology to assist and perform examinations used to diagnose and treat patients with cardiac disease. The adult echocardiographer, working under the direction of a physician, is trained in the performance of and is proficient in the use of non-invasive cardiac ultrasound.

Cardiovascular Technology is a rapidly advancing specialty area due to continued technological advances in cardiac sonography. The various types of ultrasound equipment and the importance of having a full understanding of cardiac sonography require a highly skilled operator to obtain imaging information or other required data.  The adult cardiographer must obtain appropriate clinical history, cardiac related information, and laboratory data to better adapt the imaging techniques to obtain the most comprehensive and diagnostic information.

Students completing the Associate of Applied Science in Cardiovascular Technology will prepare to sit for the Registered Cardiac Sonographer (RCS) exam through the Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) and the Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography (RDCS) exam through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS).

Students who are pursuing a program of study where admission is limited (Cardiovascular Technology, Cosmetology, Medical Assistant, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, Practical Nursing and Registered Nursing), will be assigned a major of Associate of General Studies until admitted into their selected program.

Cardiovascular Technology

Curriculum in Cardiovascular Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree
(70 Semester Credit Hours)

Course # Course Name Semester Hours
BST 1303 Introduction to Computers 3
ENGL 1013 Composition I 3
HIT 1113 Medical Terminology 3
HIT 1123 Human Anatomical Structure I 3
MATH 1113 College Algebra 3
Total 15
BIOL 1014
PHSC 1013
PHSC 1021
Introduction to Biological Science
Introduction to Physical Science
Introduction to Physical Science Lab
ENGL 1023 Composition II 4
HIT 1243 Human Anatomical Structure II
(prerequisite: HIT 1123)
PSY 2003 General Psychology 3
EMTP 1001 First Aid and CPR 1
Total 14
Students must apply to and be admitted into the technical phase of the program before taking any of the CVT courses below.  
Core Classes
CVT 2113 Hospital Policies and Patient Care 3
CVT 2123 Sonography Physics and Instrumentation I 3
CVT 2132 Echocardiography I Laboratory
(co-requisite: CVT 2133)
CVT 2133 Echocardiography I
(co-requisite: CVT 2132)
CVT 2144 Clinical Practicum I 4
Total 15
Core Classes
CVT 2211 Principles of Electrocardiography 1
CVT 2213 Cardiac Pathology Studies 3
CVT 2223 Sonography Physics and Instrumentation II
(prerequisite: CVT 2123)
CVT 2231 Echocardiography II Laboratory
(prerequisite: CVT 2132)
(co-requisite: CVT 2233)
CVT 2233 Echocardiography II
(prerequisite: CVT 2133
(co-requisite: CVT 2232)
CVT 2244 Clinical Practicum II
(prerequisite: CVT 2144)
  Total 15
Summer I (Extended)
Core Classes
CVT 2311 Interdisciplinary Cardiac Imaging 1
CVT 2313 Echocardiography Concepts 3
CVT 2323 Physics Concepts 3
CVT 2344 Clinical Practicum III
(prerequisite: CVT 2244)
  Total 11