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Technical Certificates
Associate of Applied Science
Associate of General Studies

Graduation Requirements

Associate of Applied Science degrees are offered in business technology with major areas of business technology, banking, human resource management, supply chain command; cardiovascular technology; general technology with major areas of emphasis in air conditioning and refrigeration, automotive service, computer information systems, cosmetic science, collision repair, facilities management, law enforcement and welding; health information technology; human services; industrial control systems with major areas of emphasis in industrial control systems and energy studies; medical assisting; occupational therapy assistant; paramedic/emergency medical services, physical therapist assistant; practical nursing; and registered nursing. An Associate of General Studies degree is offered with a major of General Studies. Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus is seeking ACOTE accreditation for Occupational Therapy Assistant and CAHIIM accreditation for Health Information Technology.

Technical certification is offered in air conditioning and refrigeration, automotive service technology, business technology, business technology banking, collision repair technology, computer information systems, cosmetology, enology, facilities maintenance, health information technology, industrial control systems, industrial electronics technology, law enforcement, practical nursing, viticulture and welding technology.

Proficiency certification is offered in allied health, automotive service, basic emergency medical services, nursing assistant, computer information systems, culinary arts, drafting and design, facilities maintenance, intermediate emergency medical services, law enforcement, machinist operations, medical transcription, office support specialist, viticulture, and welding.

Students may graduate under the catalog in force when they first enroll in the University (Fall 2005 forward), or any subsequent catalog provided they were enrolled at the University during the year the catalog was in effect, subject to the approval of the Chief Student Officer. Students should keep in mind that curricula change in order to maintain relevance, up-to-date knowledge, and in some cases, accreditation standards. The University reserves the right to make effective immediately any change in graduation requirements for students whose studies have not advanced beyond the level at which the change becomes operative.

Degree Audit and Application For Graduation

Candidates for graduation will have a degree audit completed. Students completing graduation requirements at the end of the fall semester must submit to the Office of Student Services an application for graduation and complete a degree audit in consultation with their advisor on or before the end of the eighth week of the previous spring semester. Students completing graduation requirements at the end of the spring semester or either of the following summer sessions must submit an application for graduation and complete a degree audit in consultation with their advisor on or before the end of the eighth week of the previous fall semester.

Students who file an application for graduation but fail to complete all graduation requirements as planned must submit a new degree audit and new application for graduation.

Green Transcript

Upon graduation, students may earn a "Green" designation on their transcript by completing no less than 12 hours of coursework directly supporting their ability to apply environmental awareness and responsibility to their personal and professional daily life. Such coursework may include waste and energy management, environmental health, alternative technology, environmental law and regulation, general environmental awareness, and advocacy topics. Courses supporting a Green Transcript are identified with an icon following the course title in the curricula listings of the individual programs of study.

Financial Obligation

Before any transcript is issued, the student must have paid any debt owed the university.

Graduation Honors

The Associate of Applied Science degree with honors will be conferred upon candidates who at graduation have earned a minimum grade point average on all courses taken post-merger at Arkansas Tech as follows: Summa Cum Laude-3.900 - 4.000, Magna Cum Laude- 3.700 - 3.899, Cum Laude-3.500 - 3.699. Graduation honors will be determined by work taken at Arkansas Tech only. This policy is effective July 1, 2003 for the Ozark Campus. Previously enrolled students should contact the Office of the Student Services for clarification of the policy.

Commencement Participation

Participation in commencement is required of all candidates for degrees except in cases involving hardship. The student may officially petition the Chief Student Officer for the degree to be awarded in absentia.

A student taking courses at other institutions must have official transcripts submitted to the Registrar's Office and have completed all degree requirements prior to the commencement ceremony to be allowed to participate.

A student who does not have a minimum grade point of 2.00 in the major and overall will not be eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Academic regalia shall be worn by the student during the graduation ceremony. The academic regalia will consist only of the cap and gown. No decorations, writings, necklaces, braids, pins, cords, medallions or other items other than the Arkansas Tech University Honors cord and medallion shall be worn or placed on the academic regalia.

Diplomas are mailed to graduates following commencement.

Requirements for Associate of Applied Science Degrees

The requirements for the associate of applied science degree are outlined under each program of study. Associate of applied science programs include a general education component consisting of a minimum of 15 semester credit hours in English, mathematics, social sciences, and computer applications. In addition to the general education component, each program will require a technical component consisting of 45-56 hours. Students completing AAS degrees will have:

Please refer to individual programs of study for specific requirements.

In addition to completing the necessary hours prescribed, candidates for associate of applied science degrees must meet the following requirements:

General Requirements

  1. A student must earn a minimum of 30 semester hours taken from Arkansas Tech University. Certain programs may have more rigorous standards due to, for example, accreditation standards or licensure requirements.
  2. No more than a total of 30 semester hours of correspondence, extension, military service, or credit by examination work may be applied as credit towards a degree.
  3. Refer to individual program of study pages for semester hour requirements.
  4. The cumulative grade point average must not be less than 2.00 and not more than 25 percent of the semester hours may carry the “D” grade. Students must have a 2.00 grade point in their major.
  5. No more than 50% of technical coursework may be transferred into a program.
  6. An official record of any correspondence or transfer work completed at another institution must be on file in the Office of Student Services prior to the end of the semester or term in which graduation is planned.

Requirements for Additional Degrees

To complete an additional associate degree, whether the first degree is a bachelor or associate, the following must be completed: (a) a minimum of 30 semester hours at Arkansas Tech in addition to the hours for the first degree, (b) all University catalog requirements for the major field of study, (c) applicable requirements specified under "Requirements for Associate Degrees" above.

Students pursuing an associate of applied science degree must use the Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus catalog in effect at the time they first enroll or any subsequent Tech catalog provided they were enrolled at the University during the year the catalog was in effect. No catalog prior to 2005 - 2006 may be selected.

Assessment Program

Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus is dedicated to providing a wide range of traditional and innovative academic programs and is committed to the advancement of student learning and continuous improvement of academic programs and university services. Assessment is at the core of continuous improvement, therefore, students are responsible for participating in state and institutional assessment activities.

Associate of General Studies

The associate of general studies degree provides students the flexibility to create a customized program of study designed to fulfill a unique career goal which is not available through any single technical certificate or associate of applied science degree currently offered at Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus.

Students who earn this degree will take a core of general education course work and technical (or higher college level) course work recommended by an academic advisor in the Office of Student Services.

Students may utilize multiple disciplinary training options in a variety of technical fields. Certificate programs currently without a degree option and students who are taking industry requested specialized courses tailored to employer needs may utilize this pathway to a degree.

To view requirements for the Associate of General Studies degree, please access the General Studies programs of study page.

Certificates of Proficiency

To receive a Certificate of Proficiency, application must be made to the Office of Student Services. Students must be currently enrolled to request a Certificate of Proficiency be awarded.

Freshman Orientation

Beginning fall, 2012, students admitted as conditional-prep are required to take an orientation course during their first semester of enrollment (fall or spring).

This orientation class (OZRK 1001) is designed to introduce the beginning student to the Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus, its culture, and traditions, and will contain certain common topics. Important policies governing campus life will be explained, and campus resources will be identified. Topics covered in each course will answer many questions typical freshmen have, which will assist in the transition from a high school environment. Subject matter will include managing time, setting academic goals, exam preparation, study and note-taking skills, introduction to library resources, and choosing a program of study and career.

State Minimum Core

The courses that comprise Tech's general education curriculum also constitute the University's State Minimum Core, established in accordance with Act 98 of 1989, for implementation the fall semester of 1991. Act 98 requires colleges and universities to identify "a minimum core of courses which shall apply toward the general education core curriculum requirements for baccalaureate degrees at state supported institutions of higher education and which shall be fully transferable between state institutions."


Arkansas Tech University endorses the internship approach to learning and has adopted university-wide guidelines. This approach can help students understand the reality of certain careers and supplement academic instruction with practical, realistic implementation in a work environment. Academic credit can be earned for internships in several degree programs. Please see individual programs for availability of specific degree credit.