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Computer Information Systems Course Descriptions

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CIS 1103: Programming I

Cross-listed with ICS 1103.

This course is designed to give the student an understanding of established and new methodologies using Microsoft Visual Basic programming. Course content will include an overview of programming, designing an application and using variables and constants. Emphasis will be placed on developing logical thinking skills. No prior programming skill is necessary.

Ozark CTE General Technology Fee: $36.

CIS 1113: Fundamental Computer Operation

Cross-listed with ICS 1113.

Students will learn to manage current Microsoft Operating Systems. Topics included are troubleshooting and applying basic commands that are necessary in a working environment. Students will also explore basic Network and Web Design concepts. No prior computer experience is necessary.

Ozark CTE General Technology Fee: $36.

CIS 1153: Networking I

Cross-listed with ICS 1153.

Designed as a foundation course that provides the theory and basic understanding of the hardware and software that comes together to build local area networks.

Ozark CTE General Technology Fee: $36.

CIS 1203: Programming II

Prerequisite: CIS 1103.

A continuation of Programming I, this course covers the advanced issues of user interfaces, program structure, language syntax, designing programming applications, control structures, functions, arrays, classes and objects. GUI design skills and object-oriented programming concepts are emphasized throughout this course.

Ozark CTE General Technology Fee: $36.

CIS 1213: Operating Systems

Pre-requisite: CIS 1113.

The goal of this course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the multiple operating systems commonly found in the information technology field today. Students will learn the theory behind operating systems and some basic to advanced components of each operating system. This course walks the student through current hardware and how it interacts with operating systems. The student will learn basic functions and design of file systems found in Windows, UNIX, and Macintosh operating systems.

Ozark CTE General Technology Fee: $36.

CIS 1233: Systems Analysis and Design

This course is an introduction to basic concepts regarding the system life cycle, analytical tools and methods, file and record layouts, and elements of the design phase.

CTE General Technology Fee: $36.

CIS 1243: HTML Programming

This class leads students through the beginning Web Site creation process while developing and enhancing HTML, CSS, and visual design skills along the way. Students will begin by learning about layout and navigation, progress to Web typography, colors and images, working with CSS and more. The course covers the latest Web design technologies and trends, including Web accessibility, standards-based coding and CSS positioning.

Ozark CTE General Technology Fee: $36.

CIS 1253: Networking II

Cross-listed with ICS 1153.

Pre-requisite: CIS 1153 or ICS 1153.

Builds upon the skills and concepts learned in Networking I. Emphasis will be on the hands-on aspects of personal computer networks using Microsoft and Linux based networking products, including installations and/or expanding a networking system and troubleshooting problems.

This course is designated as "green".

Ozark CTE General Technology Fee: $36.

CIS 1303: PC Maintenance I

Cross-listed with ICS 1303.

This course is designed to prepare individuals to troubleshoot, build, and repair personal computers, workstations, printers, and other computer peripherals. The student will also learn to install, debug, diagnose, and repair software problems associated with PCs.

This course is designated as "green".

Ozark CTE General Technology Fee: $36.

CIS 2133: Web Page Design

Prerequisite: CIS 1243.

This course provides a solid foundation for understanding the key issues associated with designing successful, standards-based Web sites that are portable across different operating systems, browsers and Web devices. The purpose of the course is to facilitate proficiency in Web site development through thorough explanations and numerous hands-on activities. Students will be introduced to overall site layout and navigation planning and then proceed to specific topics such as Web typography, colors and images, CSS page layouts, and floating layouts.

This course is designated as "green".

Ozark CTE General Technology Fee: $36.

CIS 2143: Help Desk Support

This course is designed to teach individuals to troubleshoot the Microsoft Office Application Suite. It focuses on customer service and communication with the end user.

Ozark CTE General Technology Fee: $36.

CIS 2153: Programming in C++

Prerequisite: CIS 1103 or ICS 1103.

Introduction to Programming in C++ provides an overview of programming concepts, design and an introduction to coding using the C++ language. This course focuses on creating logical computer programs in C++ and will address fundamental concepts of analysis, design, testing and code development. It includes flowcharts, Boolean logic, control flow, data types and structures, variables, arrays, and functions.

Ozark CTE General Technology Fee: $36.

CIS 2303: PC Maintenance II

Cross-listed with ICS 2303.

Pre-requisite: CIS 1303 or ICS 1303.

This course is designed to teach individuals core elements of computer repair based on the A+ Certification exams. The student will build on the knowledge acquired from PC Maintenance I, allowing them to be more prepared to diagnose, and repair computers in the working environment.

Ozark CTE General Technology Fee: $36.

CIS 2993: Special Topics for Computer Information Systems

This course is designed to introduce students to specific areas in Computer Information Systems. Course content and credit are designed to meet the needs of the student. The topic will vary from offering to offering; thus, the course may be taken more than once for a total of 6 hours. This course requires 15 clock hours per one semester credit hour.

Ozark CTE General Technology Fee: $36.