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Theresa Fontaine
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Registered Nursing

The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing (AAS-RN) prepares a graduate to function as an entry level registered nurse, providing direct care to persons as individuals and as members of a family or group. The curriculum is designed to prepare the person for registered nursing practice, to be competent, self-directed, and capable of demonstrating leadership in the application of the nursing process in a variety of healthcare settings.

This program is designed for persons who are already licensed practical nurses (LPN) and wish to pursue their AAS-RN degree. Because they are already licensed, many of them are also already employed. This program of study is designed to provide greater flexibility by offering half of the nursing theory courses online, and half of the nursing theory courses in classroom lectures, giving the students an option to continue working while pursuing this degree.

This program provides a pathway for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) who wish to achieve an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing - which allows them to sit for the Registered Nursing examination, the NCLEX-RN. The program is also designed to provide a transition from LPN to AAS-RN, thereby allowing students to transfer seamlessly to the online BSN-RN program currently in place at Arkansas Tech University Russellville campus.

Prior to admission to the technical phase of the Registered Nursing program, students must complete a platform of 37 hours which includes general education and medical courses. Students must submit an application to the program and meet entrance requirements for acceptance into the technical phase of the Registered Nursing program.

In order to be considered for admission to the Registered Nursing program, each student must meet the following criteria:

The mission of the registered nursing program is to provide an intellectual climate that fosters the development of critical thinking to prepare a graduate who is professional, caring, competent, and self-directed in providing therapeutic nursing intervention and demonstrates an interest in life-long learning, as well as to assist the student to achieve personal and professional goals regardless of cultural, racial, or ethnic background.

Students who are pursuing a program of study where admission is limited (Cosmetology, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, Practical Nursing and Registered Nursing), will be assigned a major of Associate of General Studies until admitted into their selected program.

Curriculum in Registered Nursing Associate of Applied Science Degree

The A.A.S. in Registered Nursing is intended to be a "feeder program" to the BSN program at the Russellville campus. This degree prepares the graduate to sit for licensure in Registered Nursing and results in an RN credential.

Course # Course Name Semester Hours
1st Semester - Fall
BIOL 2014 Anatomy 4
BST 1303

COMS 1003

COMS 2003
Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Computer Based Systems
Microcomputer Applications
CHEM 1111

CHEM 1113
Survey of Chemistry Lab
Survey of Chemistry
ENGL 1013 Composition I 3
MATH 1113 College Algebra 3
PSY 2003 General Psychology 3
Total 20
2nd Semester - Spring
BIOL 3074 Physiology 4
ENGL 1023 Composition II 3
BIOL 3054 Microbiology 4
SOC 1003 Introductory Sociology 3
PSY 3813 Lifespan Development 3
Total 17
Students must apply to and be admitted into the technical phase of the program before taking any of the RN courses below.  
3rd Semester - Fall
RN 2112 Pharmacology I 2
RN 2113 Introduction to Professional Nursing 3
RN 2115 Practicum for Registered Nursing I 5
RN 2116 Theories and Concepts for Registered Nursing I 6
Total 16
4th Semester - Spring
RN 2212 Pharmacology II 2
RN 2213 Nutrition 3
RN 2215 Practicum for Registered Nursing II 5
RN 2216 Theories and Concepts for Registered Nursing II 6
Total 16