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Program Chair
David Straley
Technology and Academic Support Bldg.
(479) 508-3364

The Technical Certificate in Enology allows the learner to demonstrate wine making applications and theory in the wine production process. Students completing this technical certificate will be prepared for entry to mid-level positions in the wine making industry. The Altus vineyards and wineries, due to their proximity to the Ozark Campus, provide employment and internship opportunities, entrepreneurial support, as well as professional growth opportunities for those currently employed.

Curriculum in Enology

Course # Course Name Semester Hours
1st Semester
BST 1003

ENGL 0303

ENGL 1013
Business English
Foundational Composition
Composition I
TMAT 1103 Technical Mathematics I (or higher math) 3
VIN 1463 Introduction to Enology 3
VIN 2103 Introduction to Wine Microorganisms 3
Total 12
2nd Semester
CHEM 1113 and CHEM 1111 Survey of Chemistry w/ Lab 4
VIN 2683 Wine and Must Analysis 3
VIN 1593 Grape Varieties of Mid America (Ark Wines) 3
VIN 1483 Winery Sanitation Green Technology Class 3
VIN 1602 Winery Equipment Operations 2
Total 15
3rd Semester
VIN 2463 Intermediate Enology Green Technology Class 3
VIN 2592 Cellar Operation Technology 2
VIN 2663 Sensory Evaluation 3
VIN 2573 Fall Wine Production Internship 3
Total 11