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The Technical Certificate in Viticulture allows the learner to demonstrate the application of specific agricultural knowledge, techniques, and theories to improve vineyard health. Students completing this technical certificate will be prepared for entry to mid-level positions in the grape growing industry. The Altus vineyards and wineries, due to their proximity to the Ozark Campus, provide employment and internship opportunities. Students will also have access to entrepreneurial support along with professional growth opportunities for those currently employed.

Curriculum in Viticulture Technical Certificate

Course Number Course Name Semester Hours
1st Semester
BUS 1303 Intro to Computers 3
BUS 1003
ENGL 0303
ENGL 1013
Business English

Foundational Composition

Composition I
BUS 1023
MATH 0903
Business Mathematics

Intermediate Algebra or Higher Math
BIOL 2134 Principles of Botany 4
VIN 1113 Intro to Viticulture and Vineyard Establishment 3
Total 16
2nd Semester
CHEM 1114 Survey of Chemistry 4
VIN 1132 Winter Viticulture Technology 2
VIN 2112 Integrated Pest Management 2
VIN 2132 Midwest Vineyard Management 2
VIN 1142 Spring Viticulture Technology 2
Total 14
3rd Semester
VIN 2363 Grape Varieties of Mid America (Ark Grapes) 3
VIN 2933 Soils for Viticulture 3
VIN 1152 Summer/Fall Viticulture Technology 2
Total 8