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FAC 2202

Students will learn basic carpentry skills, power and hand tool safety, the proper use of power and hand tools, framing, trim, and hanging doors and windows. Also covered will be dry wall basics, painting, and basic masonry. Some cabinet making and architectural blueprint reading will be discussed.

FAC 2203

Students will analyze configuration of facility structures such as roof pitches and metal beam structure support ratings using geometric figures. Students will also troubleshoot structural design flaws, facilities fixture design calculations, and load calculations of the facility units.

FAC 2212

Basic plumbing skills will be taught and will include: fixture repair and replacement; piping (water and gas piping); piping drops, angles, and sizes; and basic plumbing codes for commercial and residential facilities.

FAC 2222

Landscape management, chemical usage and storage, MSDS file care, ADA compliance, and safety and reliability topics will be covered.

FAC 2903

This course provides students with the experience of a job in the facilities management business. Students will participate in internship during the final phase of program completion. There will be contracts signed between the university, student, and training site stating the rules and objectives of the internship.

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