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MAT 5703: Technology for Teaching and Learning

This is a research-based course involving applications of media techniques to facilitate learning. Media presentations are planned and implemented using practical and theoretical considerations about learning characteristics, exceptionalities, and cultural differences. Various projection techniques as well as microcomputer application are utilized.

MAT 6003: Educational Research

An introduction to educational research procedures, including formulation of research problems, research designs, data collections, and analysis of data.

MAT 6043: Principles and Theories of Learning

This course introduces teacher candidates to educational psychology as a research oriented discipline and a science of practical application.

MAT 6053: The At-Risk Child in the School Environment

A seminar designed to investigate the characteristics of the at-risk student, the teaching strategies utilized to meet the needs of the at-risk student in the classroom, and the national and state laws concerning students with exceptionalities.

MAT 6403: Social, Historical, and Legal Factors in Education

This course examines the study of education and various social groups, including the effects of various societies and educational systems. It also examines the legal factors that must be considered in the educational process.

MAT 6503: Classroom Behavioral Management

A seminar to examine research for sources and types of models available for managing the classroom. Development of classroom management skills and systems by applying human development, learning, teaching, and communication principles. This class will review the research and professional literature on classroom management. It includes a practicum involving field experiences in the public school.