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ELED 5333: Teaching Reading and Study Strategies in the Content Area

This course is designed to provide pre-service and in-service teachers and administrators with a knowledge of reading factors as they relate to various disciplines. Content of the course includes estimating students' reading ability, techniques for vocabulary, questioning strategies, and developing reading-related study skills.

ELED 6323: Survey of Teaching Reading

A broad overview of the major viewpoints about reading and current approaches to literacy instruction, with emphasis on its socio-psycholinguistic aspects.

ELED 6343: Literacy Assessment and Intervention

Prerequisite: ELED 6323.

A study of current practices in assessing literacy development and providing intervention in identified problems. Emphasis will be placed on interactive procedures to determine and facilitate the use of reading and writing processes.

ELED 6403: Literature for Children and Adolescents

An in-depth study of printed and other types of materials available for use in the elementary grades and middle school. Emphasizes the selection and use of materials to stimulate and improve learning.

ELED 6823: Introduction to Learning Disabilities

A study designed to teach a recognition of behavioral characteristics of children who have perceptual problems. This course also includes information about prescribed referral procedures and gives an overview of diagnostic, and prescriptive instruction.

ELED 6881,6882,6883: Workshop

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

The workshop will require the equivalency of fifteen clock hours of instruction per credit hour.

ELED 6891,6892,6893,6894: Independent Study

Open to graduate students who wish to pursue individual study or investigation of some facet of knowledge which complements the purpose of the University's graduate program. Students will be required to plan their studies and prepare formal written reports of their findings.

Note: The selected topic may not constitute any duplication of study leading to the accomplishment of a thesis.

ELED 6991: Thesis Research

Directed research on a thesis topic. If the six-hour thesis (ELED 6996) has not been completed during the semester(s) of enrollment, the student must register for ELED 6991 during subsequent semesters in which he/she is receiving faculty assistance with the thesis and/or using University library facilities.

ELED 6996: Thesis Research

Directed research on a thesis topic selected by the student in consultation with a supervising professor.