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International and Multicultural Student Services

The International and Multicultural Student Services Office provides support services designed to enrich the college experience for multicultural and international students. The office actively recruits multicultural and international students to increase the diversity of the Tech campus, provide the opportunity for cultural exchange, and aid in helping all Tech students develop an appreciation for cultural differences.

The office offers a wide range of services for international students, including orientation, immigration updates, cross-cultural programming, and other support services necessary to ease the transition of international students into the U.S. culture. American college students play a vital role in this process by volunteering to serve as mentors to new international students through the Global Connect program.

Several established student organizations receive support from the International and Multicultural Student Services Office, including the Black Student Association, the Chinese Student Association, the Hispanic Student Association, the Indian Student Association, the Association for Cultural Interaction, and the Japanese Student Organization. Working together, programs are developed and sponsored throughout the year to educate faculty, staff, and students regarding international and multicultural heritage.

Additional information may be obtained by calling (479) 964-0832, faxing (479) 880-2039, or writing to the Director of International and Multicultural Student Services, Tomlinson Room 029, Arkansas Tech University, Russellville, Arkansas 72801, USA

English Language Institute

The mission of the ATU English Language Institute (ELI) is to provide classes that assist non-native speakers of English in developing the English language skills necessary to successfully pursue academic work in a United States college or university. The ELI accomplishes the mission by delivering non-credit English as a Second Language (ESL) academic reading, writing, and speaking and note-taking instruction for English language deficient students. While the ELI is an integral part of the Office of International and Multicultural Student Services, it welcomes students from diverse backgrounds whether international or U.S. resident. Additional information may be obtained by calling (479) 964-3272, faxing (479) 880-2039, or writing to the Coordinator of the English Language Institute, Tomlinson Room 029, Arkansas Tech University, Russellville, Arkansas 72801, U.S.A.

Veterans Benefits

Arkansas Tech University is approved by the State Approving Agency for Veterans as a school (college, university, etc.) whereby veterans and dependents of deceased or disabled veterans may obtain subsistence while working toward a degree. Eligible students should contact the Office of Veteran Services to obtain information regarding school attendance under the following program: Title 38, Chapter 30, Montgomery GI Bill for Veterans; Title 38, Chapter 32, Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP); Title 38, Chapter 33, Post-9/11 GI Bill; Title 38, Chapter 35, Survivors and Dependents Education; Title 10, Chapter 1606, Montgomery GI Bill for Selective Reserves; and Title 10, Chapter 1607, Reserve Educational Assistance Program.

All students must be working toward a degree and should follow the curriculum outline for their objectives, since only specific courses may be applied toward VA certification and graduation. Veterans may be given placement credit for prior military training. The Office of Veteran Services is available to assist students concerning VA benefits. The Office of Veteran Services is located in the Doc Bryan Student Services Center, Office 163.

Enrollment certification will not be sent to the Department of Veteran's Affairs until transcripts are on file and the person applying for veteran's benefits has been admitted to the University.

University Bookstore

The Arkansas Tech University Bookstore is located in the Young Building. Textbooks, study guides, school supplies, computer software, caps and gowns for graduation, in addition to other items may be purchased.

A full refund will be given on new or used textbooks until the end of the 3rd class day. The following conditions will apply:

  1. You need your cash register receipt and Tech ID.
  2. Your new textbooks must be returned in brand new condition with no bent corners or water damage.
  3. Wrapped or boxed textbooks must be unopened.

Textbook Refund Policy

An extended period for refunds is available to students who drop a class or withdraw from school. Specific dates will be posted each semester. Students must have a withdrawal slip and receipt. Returns are not allowed on study guides, workbooks, cliffnotes, wrapped or boxed merchandise that is opened, etc. The manager reserves the right to make the decision on the condition or salability of the merchandise.

Buy Back Policy

Students may sell their textbooks for cash at the bookstore during finals week. Fifty percent of the new price will be paid to the student if the bookstore has received a request from the instructor stating the textbook will be used the following semester, the textbook is in good condition (no water damaged books will be bought back), and the bookstore is not overstocked. Select textbooks not bought at the campus bookstore may have less value than 50% of the new price. Textbooks with a new edition pending may be bought back at less than 50% of new price. Current market value will be paid on current editions not used or needed for the following semester on campus. A current Tech ID is required to sell books back. The bookstore does not guarantee the buy back of any textbook at any time.

Additional information concerning the University Bookstore may be obtained by visiting their web site at, by calling (479) 968-0255, by faxing (479) 964-0861, or by emailing

Traffic Regulations

By authority of the Board of Trustees and in accordance with Legislative Act 328, 1967, Arkansas Tech University requires all members of the faculty, staff, student body, and classified personnel to register motor vehicles which they own or operate on the Tech campus or on lands controlled by the University. All registrants shall abide by all traffic and parking regulations as outlined by a printed pamphlet available in the Doc Bryan Student Services Building or at the Department of Public Safety office.

Registration of vehicles shall be accomplished at the time of regular registration for the fall, spring, or summer semesters at the Department of Public Safety located at 1511 North Boulder. All faculty, staff, and students must present a current Tech ID card before a parking permit will be issued. All vehicles on Tech campus are required to register and display a current parking permit. Parameters for the operation and parking of motor vehicles may be viewed on the campus map available at the Department of Public Safety. Vehicles are defined as any self-propelled vehicle having two or more wheels.

Parking permits are valid from August 15th one year through August 15th of the next year. After securing a parking permit at the Department of Public Safety, charges are assessed to the student's account at the Office of Student Accounts. Faculty and staff are required to prepay and bring their receipt along with their ID when picking up their parking permit. Parking permits must be displayed by hanging in the rear view mirror so the number can be read through the front windshield from the outside; they may not be taped on the vehicle or laid on the dash or seat. These parking permits can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. Parking permits are the responsibility of the purchaser and must be removed prior to sale or transfer of the vehicle, upon termination of employment or withdrawal from the university. Only one parking permit per individual can be purchased unless the prior parking permit was lost or stolen. The reported lost or stolen parking permit will be invalid. There is no refund for parking permit cost. The registration fee, penalties and fines are published in the ATU parking map.

Temporary parking permits are available at the Department of Public Safety for faculty, staff and students who have misplaced their parking permit. These parking permits are provided at no cost and are valid for a maximum of seven days.

Health and Wellness Center

Recognizing that optimum health is essential to effective learning, the University maintains health services available to all students. The Health and Wellness Center, located in Dean Hall Room 126 (entrance on the north side of the building), provides confidential treatment of minor injuries and illnesses through a well-equipped facility and within the scope of practice of the two registered nurses who staff the center fulltime. The RNs make appropriate referrals to local health care providers when necessary.

The University assumes no financial responsibility for student care other than that provided by the Health and Wellness Center. Students are urged to carry their own health insurance and Tech cooperates with a number of other higher education institutions in Arkansas to make available a student group insurance policy. Students not adequately covered by an individual or family group insurance policy may purchase the policy at the beginning of any semester. Application forms are available at the Health and Wellness Center or online All international students are required to purchase a medical insurance plan that satisfies the requirements of the Office of International and Multicultural Student Services.

In addition to clinical services, a wide range of health promotion and educational programs are provided in a variety of campus settings.

Patient hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Students are encouraged to make appointments but walk-ins are welcome. The Health and Wellness Center can be contacted by phone at (479) 968-0329, email at or by Web at

Student Accident and Health Insurance

Arkansas Tech cooperates with a number of other higher educational institutions in Arkansas to make available a student group insurance policy. Students not adequately covered by an individual or family group insurance policy may purchase this policy at the beginning of any semester. Application forms are available at the Health and Wellness Center or online at: All international students are required to purchase a medical insurance plan that satisfies the requirements of the Office of International and Multicultural Student Services.

Disability Services for Students

Arkansas Tech University is committed to providing equal opportunities for higher education to academically qualified individuals with disabilities. Students with a disability attending Tech will be integrated as completely as possible into the University community. Tech does not offer a specialized curriculum for students with disabilities nor does it assume the role of a rehabilitation center, but does assume responsibility for modifying campus facilities and procedures to accommodate individual needs where reasonable and without posing an undue hardship on the University.

Services arranged through the University's Disabilities Director include consideration of classroom and building accessibility, planning for adequate travel time between classes, ability to record classroom lectures, additional time for testing, and similar types of accommodations. Per individual needs, students who may require academic support are encouraged to utilize the various departmental tutorial laboratories as well as the Student Service Tutoring Center.

Tech is subject to and endorses both the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Disabilities Director serves as the coordinator for these federal programs. The Director is located in the University Testing Center in Bryan Hall, Suite 103, and may be contacted by calling (479) 968-0302 (Phone), (479) 964-3290 (TTY), (479) 968-0375 (FAX), or by e-mail at

University Testing Center

The University Testing Center provides services which assist in the recruitment, retention, and graduation of students.

Testing services include providing registration information and materials and administering examinations such as the American College Test Assessment (ACT), Graduate Record Exam (GRE), Law School Admission Test (LSAT), Miller Analogies Test (MAT), Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers (PRAXIS), and others. Test registration bulletins and preparatory materials are available for many of these exams online. Tests that will allow an individual to earn college credit by attaining the qualifying score established by Arkansas Tech University are also administered and include Advanced College Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), National League for Nursing (NLN) and Arkansas Tech examinations. Tests that require payment must be paid in advance at Student Accounts located in the Doc Bryan Student Services Building.

The University Testing Center is located in Suite 103 of Bryan Hall and may be reached via (479) 968-0302 (Phone), (479) 968-0375 (Fax). For additional information, students may visit

Norman Career Services

Norman Career Services provides online registration for students, alumni, and employers, as well as established web links to ethical employment boards. Registrants may access and provide information through WonderLink via the Career Service website, including cover letters, resumes, campus recruiting schedules, information sessions, etc. The center hosts and maintains a computerized career interest inventory, called “Focus 2,” which may be accessed online. Services provided to ALL classifications of students and alumni include career counseling and resume critiquing. It also provides career workshops to classes, student groups and community organizations to ensure that Arkansas Tech University graduates are well informed, prepared for the job search, and availed of every opportunity to choose from professional alternatives. Career and part-time employment opportunities through business, industry, government, the health field and education are posted through WonderLink.

Norman Career Services hosts recruiters who conduct a variety of interviews each semester. Current contacts are maintained with local, national, and international employers seeking career professionals from every major. Career fairs are hosted each fall and spring for all students.

Additional information concerning Career Services may be obtained by visiting their web site at, by calling (479) 968-0278, or writing to ATU, Norman Career Services, Doc Bryan Student Services Center, Suite 229, Russellville, AR, 72801.