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Master of Education
  Elementary Education
  Secondary Education
  School Counseling and Leadership
  Educational Leadership
  Instructional Improvement
  Teaching, Learning, and Leadership
  Educational Specialist Degree
Master of Science
  College Student Personnel
  Emergency Management and Homeland Security
  Fisheries and Wildlife Science
  Health Informatics
  Information Technology
Master of Science in Nursing
Master of Engineering
Master of Arts
  English and English with TESL option
  Multi-Media Journalism
  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Master of Liberal Arts

Course Descriptions
  (ANTH) Anthropology
  (ART) Art
  (BIOL) Biology
  (CHEM) Chemistry
  (CSP) College Student Personnel
  (COUN) Counseling
  (DE) Driver Education
  (ECED) Early Childhood Education
  (ECON) Economics
  (EDFD) Educational Foundations
  (EDLD) Educational Leadership
  (EDMD) Educational Media
  (ELEG) Electrical Engineering
  (ELED) Elementary Education
  (EMHS) Emergency Management and Homeland Security
  (ENGL) English
  (FW) Fisheries and Wildlife Science
  (FR) French
  (GEOG) Geography
  (GEOL) Geology
  (GER) German
  (HI) Health Informatics
  (HIST) History
  (INFT) Information Technology
  (JPN) Japanese
  (JOUR) Journalism
  (LA) Liberal Arts
  (LBMD) Library Media
  (MGMT) Management
  (MATH) Mathematics
  (MCEG) Mechanical Engineering
  (MLED) Middle Level Education
  (MUSM) Museum
  (MUS) Music
  (NUR) Nursing
  (PHIL) Philosophy
  (PE) Physical Education
  (PHSC) Physical Science
  (PHYS) Physics
  (POLS) Political Science
  (PSY) Psychology
  (RS) Rehabilitation Science
  (SEED) Secondary Education
  (SOC) Sociology
  (SPED) Special Education
  (SPAN) Spanish
  (SPH) Speech
  (TESL) Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  (MTLL) Teaching, Learning and Leadership
  (TH) Theatre
  (VOBE) Vocational Business Education
  (WS) Wellness Science