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TH 5283: Children's Theatre: Techniques and Practicum

Offered: Summer

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

The philosophy of teaching acting to children, in theory and practice. The course is designed for drama majors, teachers, and others interested in child development. The semester equivalent of two hours of class lecture is combined with the semester equivalent of two hours of supervised laboratory experience in a children's theatre setting.

Note: May not be taken for credit after completion of SPH 4283 or equivalent.

TH 5313: Theatre History III -- 1900 to 1960

A study of European and American theatre during the first part of the twentieth century, including movements such as realism, symbolism, expressionism, epic theatre, and theatre of the absurd, and playwrights such as Ibsen, Chekhov, Strindberg, Maeterlinck, Shaw, Brecht, O'Neill, Williams, Lonesco, and Beckett.

Note: May not be taken for credit after completion of TH 4313 or equivalent.

TH 6893: Independent Study

Open to graduate students who wish to pursue individual study or investigation of some facet of knowledge which complements the purpose of the University's graduate program. Students will be required to plan their studies and prepare formal written reports of their findings.

Note: The selected topic may not constitute any duplication of study leading to the accomplishment of a thesis.