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MTLL 6003: School Organization and Leadership for Teacher Leaders

This course will examine how schools are organized and supported from the federal level to the local school. The concepts of leadership and its role at all levels will be a focal part of this study. Students will begin to examine their leadership style and dispositions.

MTLL 6113: Action Research and Data Analysis for School and Classroom Use

This course will focus on the analysis of data with emphasis on student achievement and whole school accountability. Data driven decision-making will be examined. Students will look at research methodologies with a focus on action research and the role of the leader in facilitating action research in the field.

MTLL 6123: Instructional Leadership for the Master Teacher

This course will focus on the "hard and soft" skills of instructional leadership. The teaching and learning process will be the focus of student work. Students will learn how to observe and coach for excellence in teaching and learning. The reflective practice model will serve as a basis for theory and skill development.

MTLL 6133: Basic Elements of Curriculum

This course will focus on national, state, and local curriculum standards. Students will gain an understanding of the alignment issues of curriculum, instruction, and assessment as they prepare a curriculum artifact based on the principles of curriculum.

MTLL 6143: Organizational Change and the Role of the Master Teacher

This course will examine theories of change looking at research and case studies of first and second order change. Students will gain strategies as leaders of change as schools work to move closer to higher performance. Students will study a current change taking place in a school.

MTLL 6152: Professional Portfolio for the Master Teacher

This course will examine the role of the student portfolio and the teaching portfolio. The main focus will be the professional portfolio for the candidate's completion of their degree program.

MTLL 6202: Professionalization of Teaching for the Master Teacher

This course will examine the philosophies and historical perspectives of education for the purpose of reflection on individual teaching and learning practices. Students will purposefully explore and define who they are as a master teacher and what core beliefs impact teaching and learning in their classroom.

MTLL 6223: Teaching and Learning for the Master Teacher

This course will explore theories and best practices that can lead to improved student performance.

MTLL 6233: Advanced Teaching and Learning

Prerequisite: MTLL 6223.

In this course the graduate student pursuing the NTL option will continue the exploration of teaching and learning theories and research-based classroom practices to promote improved student learning.

MTLL 6242: Cognitive Coaching and Mentoring for the Master Teacher

Students will develop the necessary skills that will enable the master teacher to be a peer learning coach and mentor for the inductee, peer, and/or marginal teacher.

MTLL 6252: Communication Advocacy & Policy Development for the Master Teacher

Effective means of communicating classroom related issues, in order to be an advocate for teaching and learning practices that make a difference in teaching and learning, will be examined in this course as well as ways for the teacher to impact policy development at the district, state, and national levels.

MTLL 6253: Advanced Curriculum Design Practicum for the Master Teacher

This course will focus on advanced methods of curriculum design. The role of the teacher leader in the curriculum development process will be explored and acquisition of the skills necessary to facilitate, implement, assess, and sustain the process will be learned.

MTLL 6262: Action Research Practicum for the Master Teacher

This course will focus on the implementation of the student action research design, developed in the initial research course, Action Research and Data Analysis for School and Classroom Use. Analysis of field data from this research will be aggregated with emphasis on student achievement. Effective communication of the research results to various audiences will also be explored.

MTLL 6271: Resource Acquisition for the Master Teacher

This course will provide the opportunity for students to discuss, explore, and acquire skills that will supplement means to augment classroom resources in addition to the allocated budget.

MTLL 6292: Evaluation of Classroom Learning for the Master Teacher

Assessment, to evaluate student performance, will be explored with the emphasis being on authentic assessments.

MTLL 6551,6552,6553,6554: Internship Practicum

The purpose of the Intern Practicum is to provide the Non-Traditional (NTL) graduate student with an opportunity to apply theory and practice into experiences in the classroom.

$25 per credit hour internship practicum fee.