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HI 5092: Research in HIM

This course teaches the skills needed to systematically investigate subjects to expand knowledge and generate new ideas. A study of the specific research methodology used in a health information management setting will be explored. Emphasis will be given to hands-on performance of research in conjunction with area health care facilities and agencies. Formal presentation of research will also be a component of the course.

HI 6053: Emerging Trends in Health Information Technology

Trends in the health information technology will be identified and discussed. Industry-changing trends will be emphasized as well as regulatory initiatives associated with the changes. The purpose of this course is to provide the student with an awareness of current changes within the field of health information technology, as well as how to keep up with changes as they occur.

HI 6063: Leadership in Health Informatics

A study of the leadership skills as applied to an electronic health (e-health) environment. Topics such as the development of strategy, change management, and project management in the context of health informatics will be explored.

HI 6073: Security and Privacy in Health Informatics

An exploration of legal issues as they relate to the collection, storage, retention and sharing of health data and information. Privacy and security will be discussed, from the standpoint of health care entities as well as from the consumer point of view.

HI 6083: Health Care Policy

This course investigates the current state of health care, encompassing issues related to health care reform and payment systems. Issues explored include access to care, as well as cost and quality of care rendered. Specific issues in health care policy will be explored.

HI 6983: Research Project

The purpose of this course is to have the student apply knowledge of research methods to an area of the student's interest. This research-based course will allow the student to work with the instructor to identify an appropriate project to be completed at the end of the MSHI coursework. The project should incorporate principles learned in courses leading to this course.

HI 6991,6992,6993,6994,6995,6996: Thesis Research

The purpose of this course is to have the student apply knowledge of research methods to an area of the student's interest. This course is designed for the student to coordinate with the course instructor to identify a thesis topic or high level project to be completed as a capstone experience. This course should be completed after all other MSHI coursework is completed and will provide the student with an opportunity to utilize the concepts learned in courses leading to this capstone course.