Graduate Catalog

Degree Programs


Board of Trustees

Charles Blanchard, Russellville
Eric Burnett, Fort Smith
John Chambers III, Danville
Tom Kennedy, Little Rock
Leigh Whiteside, Russellville

Administrative Officers

Robert Charles Brown, 1993, President
B.A., Northwestern State University, 1967
M.A., Louisiana State University, 1969
Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1976

John W. Watson, 1978, Vice President for Academic Affairs
B.A., University of Arkansas, 1971
M.S., University of Arkansas, 1973
Ed.D., Oklahoma State University, 1978

David C. Moseley, 1994, Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance
B.B.A., University of Arkansas at Monticello, 1964
M.B.A., University of Central Arkansas, 1984

Susie Nicholson, 1998 , Vice President for Student Services and University Relations
B.A., University of Arkansas, 1986
M.S., Arkansas Tech University, 2010

Jayne W. Jones, 1976 , Vice President for Development
B.S., Arkansas Tech University, 1988
M.A., Arkansas Tech University, 2001

Phil Jacobs, 2005, Vice President for Governmental Relations
B.S., Arkansas Tech University, 1968

Administrative Staff

Carol Adkison, Assistant Director of Computer Services for Administrative Systems
Alison Ahlert, Event Coordinator for Lake Point Conference Center
Karen Alexander, Assistant Director of Budget
Jan Apple, Academic Outreach Coordinator
Jamie Beck, Coordinator of Greek Life
Rebecca Bramlett, Institutional Research Associate
Jessica Brock, Coordinator of Concurrent Enrollment Programs
Marci Buhajla, English Language Institute Instructor
Jenny Butler, Coordinator of Student Activities and Orientation
Rebecca Callaway, Instructional Designer - eTech
Pat Chronister, Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Linda Clarke, Director of Academic Advising Center
Fred W. Clayton, Director of Administrative Services
Lisa Cochran, Director of Continuing Education
Brandi Collins, Licensing Coordinator
Pam Cooper, Development Officer - Research
Will Cooper, Coordinator of Retention Services
Ashley Daniels, Admissions Officer
Kelly Davis, Director of Alumni Relations
Shawna Davis, Target School Liaison, Upward Bound Program
Curtis Diggs, Director of ATU Degree Center at Mid-South Community College
Shauna Donnell, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management
Brent Drake, Director of Development Services
Katherine Ehemann, Accounting Supervisor
Daniel Eshcol, International Student Advisor
Diana J. Evans, Assistant Registrar
Courtney Farris, Admissions Officer
Bryan Fisher, Director of Athletic Relations
Tommy Fields, Associate Registrar
Debra Fithen, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Jennifer Fleming, Affirmative Action Officer/Director of Academic Services
Rhonda Fleming, Assistant Registrar
Beth Foster, Special Projects Coordinator, Purchasing
Elizabeth Giroir, Coordinator of TECH 1001 Program
Shirley M. Goines, Director of Student Aid
Ben Greenberg, Director of Sports Information
Veronica Jill Greenwood, English Language Institute Instructor
Brandie Griffin, Director of the College of Business College to Career Center
Luke Heffley, Parent Relations Coordinator/Retention Counselor
Jill Hendricks, Director of Upward Bound Programs
Aaron Hogan, Assistant Director for Residence Operations
Brent Hogan, English Language Institute Instructor
Aubrey Holt, Coordinator of Clubs/Organizations & Spirit Squads
Jeff Hudnall, Career Advisor
Lindsey Ingmire, Academic Advisor
Linda Johnson, Budget and Special Programs Director
Marilyn Johnson, Business Manager and Director of Student Accounts
Brian Lasey, Director of Physical Plant
Steve Lawrence, Associate Dean of Students
Lori LeBahn, Counselor
Marika Lederman, Academic Advisor
Ellen Malito, Area Coordinator, Housing
Leanne McConnell, Target School Liaison, Upward Bound Program
Joshua McMillan, Director of Public Safety
Marissa Merritt, Coordinator of Marketing and Special Events
Steve Milligan, Assistant Director of Computer Services for Networked Systems
Ray Moll, Associate Dean of Students for Student Success
Julie Morgan, Assistant to the President
Dana Moseley, Director of Gift Planning
Theresa Motley, Associate Director of Computer Services for Administrative Services
Courtney Mullen, Director of Graduate Support Services
Steve Mullins, Director of Athletics
Kristen Musser, English Language Institute Instructor
Hanna Norton, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Marsha Oels, Coordinator of Veteran Services
Donna Ogle, English Language Institute Coordinator
Yasushi Onodera, Director of International and Multicultural Student Services
Christine Pacheco, Associate Registrar
Jana Parker, Coordinator of Academic Services
Alison Parks, Coordinator of Young Alumni and Student Philanthropy
William A. Parton, Director of Library
Amy Pennington, Dean of Students
Thomas Pennington, Associate Vice President and Counsel to the President
Carrie Phillips, Director of New Media
Karen Pittman, Testing Coordinator
Chip Porter, Facility Manager, Lake Point Conference Center
Richard Pyle, Specialty Chef, Lake Point Conference Center
Donna Rankin, Controller
Lindsey Riedmueller, Student Support Services Program Advisor
Angela Reynolds, Special Projects Coordinator, Human Resources
Tammy Rhodes, Registrar
Karen Riddell, Coordinator of Academic Support Services
Tonya Roberts-Young, Director of the Center for Preparedness and Recovery
Adam Robison, Director of Professional Development Institute
Merrell E. Shoptaw, Director of Computer Services
Cara Slone, Admissions Officer
Kristin Smith, Director of the Tech Loyalty Fund
Kevin Solomon, Associate Dean for Campus Life
Brooke Southard, Director of Payroll and Special Services
Judith Stewart-Abernathy, Director of Arkansas Tech Museum
Michael Stoker, Director of Web Strategies and Operations
Kristy Stokes, Associate Dean of Student Wellness
Heather Stout, Staff Nurse
Sam Strasner, Director of University Relations
Ryan Taylor, Coordinator of Information Services
Tiffany Terrell, Admissions Officer
Lianne Thompson, Assistant Director of International and Multicultural Student Services
Bruce Trefney, Executive Chef, Lake Point Conference Center
Brandi Tripp, Associate Registrar
Shanna Turney, Upward Bound Tutor Coordinator
Jessica Uhlman, Area Coordinator, Housing
David G. Underwood, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Gail Vaughan, Bookstore Manager
Alisa Waniewski, Coordinator of Recruitment and Academic Scholarships
Wyatt Watson, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment
Grant Watts, Coordinator of Intramural & Recreational Sports
Felisha Weaver, Director of Publications and Creative Services
Kenneth D. Wester, Associate Director of Computer Services for Networked Systems
Dave Wilbers, Academic Advisor
Lori Wineland, Director of Student Support Services Program
Rita Woolf, Director of Health and Wellness Center/Registered Nurse
Ernest Yang, Academic Advisor

Academic Administration

College of Applied Sciences

William C. Hoefler, Dean
Malcolm Rainey, Head of Agriculture Department
Ronald Robison, Head of Computer & Information Science Department
Pat Buford, Associate Dean of Electrical Engineering Department
Sandra Smith, Head of Emergency Management Department
Pat Buford, Associate Dean of Mechanical Engineering Department
Cathi McMahan, Head of Parks, Recreation and Hospitality Administration Department

College of Arts and Humanities

H. Micheal Tarver, Dean
Dawn M. Ward, Head of Art Department
W. Daniel Martin, Head of Behavioral Sciences Department
Carl W. Brucker, Head of English and World Languages Department
Jeffrey R. Woods, Head of History and Political Science Department
Cynthia L. Hukill, Head of Music Department
Anthony Caton, Head of Speech, Theatre & Journalism Department

College of Business

R. Edward Bashaw, Dean
Stephen Jones, Associate Dean

College of Education

Eldon Clary Jr., Dean
David Bell, Head of Curriculum and Instruction Department
June Lawson, Director of Teacher Education Student Services
M. Annette Holeyfield, Head of Health & Physical Education Department
Chris Giroir, Head of College Student Personnel Department

College of Natural and Health Sciences

Jeff W. Robertson, Dean
Charles Gagen, Head of Biological Sciences Department
Thomas Limperis, Head of Mathematics Department
Rebecca Burris, Head of Nursing Department
James Musser, Head of Physical Sciences Department

College of Professional Studies and Community Outreach

Mary Ann Rollans, Dean
Jeff Aulgur, Head of Professional Studies Department

Graduate College

Mary Gunter, Dean
Mona Chadwick, Interim Head of Center for Leadership and Learning