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Master of Education
School Counseling and Leadership

Pam Dixon,
Assistant Professor
Center for Leadership and Learning
227 State Road 333 South Room 106

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in School Counseling and Leadership is designed to prepare candidates for licensure as school counselors. The program consists of 17 hours of leadership core courses and 28 hours of school counseling specialty courses. Practical activities representative of situations school personnel face on a daily basis have been integrated into the coursework. The program will provide opportunities for outstanding teachers to earn Arkansas school counselor licensure. Students will be entered into the program as cohorts.

Unconditional Admission

Students are eligible to apply for unconditional admission to the Master of Education degree program in School Counseling and Leadership if they meet the following requirements:

1. Applicants must meet the admission requirements for Graduate College.
2. Two years of teaching experience.

Degree Requirements
1. A minimum of 45 semester hours must be completed; all courses must be at the 6000 level, including the following courses:

Level One Coursework - Core Courses (17 hours)
COUN 6003 School Organization and Leadership for the Counselor
COUN 6011 Instructional Leadership/Counseling
COUN 6113 Action Research and Data Analysis for High Performing School
COUN 6133 Principles of Curriculum Development
COUN 6143 Organizational Change/Role of School Counseling
COUN 6152 Professional Portfolio
COUN 6202 Ethical and Legal Issues

Level Two Coursework - School Counseling and Leadership (21 hours)
COUN 6012 Assessment and Appraisal
COUN 6213 Developmental Counseling: Theory and Application
COUN 6224 Counseling Skill Development (I)
COUN 6233 School Counseling Programs
COUN 6243 Group Counseling Strategies in the Schools
COUN 6253 Assessment and Career/Academic Advising
COUN 6263 Teaming, Collaboration, and Advocacy

Level Three Courses - Supervised Field Experiences (7 hours)
COUN 6303 Counseling Skill Development II
COUN 6302/4 Internship

2. A portfolio must be successfully completed and approved by a portfolio review committee.