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PHIL 5093
American Philosophy

Cross-listed: HIST 5223

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor or Department Head.

An examination of the main currents of American philosophical and religious thought from the earliest times to the present.

PHIL 6013
Philosophical Systems

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor or Department Head.

A study of the major systems of philosophy in the context of various philosophical theories considered from epistemological, metaphysical, logical, and ethical points of view.

PHIL 6891, 6892, 6893, 6894
Independent Study

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor or department head.

Open to graduate students who wish to pursue individual study or investigation of some facet of knowledge which complements the purpose of the University's graduate program. Students will be required to plan their studies and prepare formal written reports of their findings.

Note: The selected topic may not constitute any duplication of study leading to the accomplishment of a thesis.

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