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FW 5003
Principles of Wildlife Management

Prerequisite: A course in ecology or permission of instructor.

Principles of managing wildlife resources with emphasis on population ecology, habitat evaluation and manipulation, wildlife values, and the administration of wildlife resources and resources agencies.

FW 5014
Forest Ecology and Management

Prerequisite: FW (BIOL) 3114.

An in-depth coverage of ecological interactions in forested ecosystems. Lectures cover biotic and abiotic factors that influence development and species compositions of forest stands. Wildlife habitat relationships in forested ecosystems will also be discussed. Laboratories will familiarize students with field techniques and management activities important in the major forest types of Arkansas.

Lecture two hours, lab four hours. $20 laboratory fee.

FW 5024

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: A course in ecology.

A study of physical and chemical processes in fresh water and their effects on organisms in lakes and streams. Laboratory sessions and field trips demonstrate limnological instrumentation and methodology.

Lecture two (2) hours, laboratory four (4) hours. $20 laboratory fee.

FW 5034
Geographic Information Systems in Natural Resources

Offered: Spring

Prerequisites: A course in GIS or permission of instructor.

Use of GIS technology in wildlife and fisheries management and research. Emphasis placed on creation, maintenance, and analysis of spatially explicit data.

Lecture three (3) hours, laboratory two (2) hours. $10 laboratory fee.

FW 5054
Waterfowl Ecology and Management

Prerequisites: BIOL/FW 3114 (Ecology) Ecology and management of North American waterfowl and their habitats.

Laboratory exercises will focus on identification, life histories, sex and age determination, and abundance survey methods. Lectures and discussions will cover behavioral ecology, reproductive ecology, winter ecology, harvest management, and habitat management and conservation.

$20 laboratory fee.

FW 5064
Wetland Ecology and Management

Offered: Fall of even years

Prerequisites: A course in ecology or permission of instructor.

An in-depth coverage of wetlands including occurrence, morphology, hydrology, soils, ecology, and regulation. The types of wetlands and their functions are discussed, as are local, state and federal regulations pertaining to their use, management and protection. Laboratory focuses on identification of common wetland vegetation, delineation of wetland boundaries, as well as field techniques and management activities commonly used in Arkansas wetlands.

Lecture two (2) hours, laboratory four (4) hours. $20 laboratory fee.

FW 5103
Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Wildlife Management

Prerequisites: BIOL/FW 3114 or permission of instructor.

Exploration of the complex interactions of social, political, institutional, economic and ecological processes that contribute to natural resource use and management. The primary focus is on interactions and conflict resolution among various stakeholders, resource management agencies, and wildlife and fisheries resources. Topics covered include public attitudes and expectations; agency structure and policy; values of fishes, wildlife; and public relations.

FW 5163
Biodiversity and Conservation Biology

Offered: Fall of even years

Prerequisites: A course in ecology or permission of instructor.

The concepts of, processes that produce, and factors that threaten biological diversity are introduced and examined Further emphasis is placed on unique problems associated with small population size, management of endangered species and practical applications of conservation biology.

FW 5881, 5882, 5883, 5884
Advanced Topics

Offered: On demand

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

This course offers special instruction on fisheries and wildlife topics that are not otherwise covered in the curriculum.

Note: The primary focus of the course will vary from offering to offering, thus the course may be taken more than once. This course may be repeated if content is different.

FW 6001
Graduate Seminar in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology

Analysis of current and classical concepts in fisheries and wildlife biology.

Note: The primary focus of this course will vary from offering to offering, thus the course may be taken for credit more than once.

FW 6002
Research Methods I

Prerequisites: A course in statistics.

Methods for literature review, experimental design, and thesis proposal development.

FW 6012
Research Methods II

Prerequisites: A course in statistics.

Methods for data analysis and thesis preparation.

FW 6013
Population Dynamics

Prerequisites: Courses in ecology, statistics, and calculus, or permission of instructor.

An in-depth analysis of major historical development in the theory, techniques of manipulating, and mathematical modeling of fish and wildlife populations.

FW 6023
Quantitative Fisheries Science

Prerequisites: A course in fisheries management or permission of instructor.

Quantitative principles of fisheries science used in the analysis and interpretation of fisheries data.

FW 6891, 6892, 6893, 6894
Independent Study

Open to graduate students who wish to pursue individual study or investigation of some facet of knowledge that complements the purpose of the University's graduate program. Students will be required to plan their studies and prepare formal written reports of their findings.

Note: The selected topic may not constitute any duplication of study leading to the accomplishment of a thesis.

FW 6991, 6992, 6993, 6994, 6995, 6996
Thesis Research

Research on a topic culminating in a written thesis.

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