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EDFD 6003
Educational Research

An introduction to educational research procedures, including formulation of research problems, research designs, data collection, and analysis of data.

EDFD 6043
Current Issues in Human Learning

A detailed study of some current issues in human learning which reflects the concerns of classroom teachers as they apply psychology to teaching. Course is designed to serve both elementary and secondary teachers.

EDFD 6053
The At-Risk Child in the School Environment

A seminar designed to investigate the characteristics of the at-risk student and to investigate the teaching strategies utilized to meet the needs of the at-risk student in the regular classroom.

EDFD 6063
Educational Assessment

Provides the knowledge base for construction, selection, administration, and interpretation of formal, informal, and alternative forms of student assessment.

EDFD 6203
Supervision of Instruction

The techniques of instructional supervision including evaluation and improvement of classroom instruction.

EDFD 6313
Principles of Curriculum Development

A study of the elements and principles of curriculum design and construction for teachers at the elementary and secondary school levels. The course considers the theoretical concerns of curriculum planning as well as the activities involved in carrying theory into practice.

EDFD 6403
Social and Historical Factors in Education

The study of education and various social groups, including the effects of various societies and educational systems.

EDFD 6503
Classroom and Behavioral Management

A seminar to examine research for sources and types of models available for managing the classroom. Development of classroom management skills and systems by applying human development, learning, teaching, and communication principles. This class will review the research and professional literature on classroom management.

EDFD 6703
Guidance in Education

Designed to provide the classroom teacher with the background knowledge and skills to provide classroom assistance in areas related to the school's guidance program.

EDFD 6881, 6882, 6883

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

The workshop will require the equivalency of fifteen clock hours of instruction per credit hour.

EDFD 6991
Project or Thesis Research Continuation

This course allows students additional time to research and compose their capstone project/portfolio.

EDFD 6993
Project in Educational Research

Study and directed research on a topic selected by the student in consultation with a supervising professor.

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