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Master of Education
Instructional Improvement

Dr. Sid Womack, Professor Crabaugh Hall, Room 211 (479) 968-0423

The Instructional Improvement degree is designed around the three areas teachers have identified as constituting the biggest instructional problems. Those problems are: inclusion, students with limited English proficiency, and reading. The program requires a core of courses with a minimum of 6 hours in each of the problem areas. This is a 36 semester hour program.
Students may elect a concentration in TESOL by completing ENGL 5023, 5703, 5713, and 5723.

Unconditional Admission

Students are eligible to apply for unconditional admission to the Master of Education degree program in Instructional Improvement if they meet the admission requirements for Graduate College and the departmental requirements.

Degree Requirements
Candidates for the Instructional Improvement degree must complete a core of 15 hours with a minimum of two courses in each of the areas of reading, inclusion and limited English proficiency.

Professional Education Core (15 hours)
EDFD 6003 Educational Research
EDFD 6993 Project for Educational Research
EDFD 6063 Educational Assessment
EDFD 6053 The At-Risk Child in the School Environment
EDFD 6313 Principles of Curriculum Development

Reading (6 hours)
ELED 5333 Teaching Reading and Study Strategies In the Content Area
ELED 6323 Survey of Teaching Reading OR
ELED 6343 Literacy Assessment and Intervention

Inclusion (6 hours)
ELED 6803 Teaching the Exceptional Child
ELED 6823 Introduction to Learning Disabilities

Limited English Proficiency(6 hours)
ENGL 5023 Second Language Acquisition
ENGL 5703 Teaching English as a Second Language

Electives: 3 hours