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SPED 5003

Chronically disabling conditions that occur frequently in children with educational handicaps are reviewed. Emphasis is on early identification and detection of at-risk or failure-to-thrive children.

SPED 5013

A study of the theory, materials, methods and instructional techniques applicable to special needs analysis. Also offers a brief examination of experiences during the early childhood education years - birth through fourth grade. This course examines challenged literacy development encompassing writing, reading, and oral language development of young children in the home and school environment.

SPED 5023

This is a study of current theories and procedures utilized in the development of programs for children with special needs. Focus is on disciplines, strategies and materials involved with special needs instruction planning and execution.

SPED 5033

This course is a brief examination of the impact of children with special needs on the roles within the family. Study will also briefly examine impact of specialized educational programs and their role in aiding and assisting families.

SPED 5043

This class is a supervised participation in an appropriate school, or institution dealing with early childhood exceptionalities, and providing a practical, hands-on application of teaching methods and ideas.

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