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LBMD 6003

A study of the selection, evaluation, organization, and purchasing of instructional materials for the school library media center. The course includes a review of selection tools for identifying materials, determining suitability for specific grade levels, and establishing purchasing and teacher review procedures.

LBMD 6013

Study of the techniques of reference work, reference interviews, types of reference questions, selection of reference materials (print and non-print), and practice in their use with special emphasis on school library media centers. Networking for the purpose of sharing resources will receive emphasis in the course. Students will be required to do hands-on machine reference searches in addition to a research project.

LBMD 6023

Prerequisite: Nine hours of graduate study or permission of instructor A study of the principles and competencies of cataloging and classification. Attention centered on the actual classification and cataloging of school library media center materials. Students will be required to do hands-on machine cataloging.

LBMD 6033

A course for the prospective school library media specialist focusing on the instructional role of the school library media specialist. Students will develop curriculum based upon the national and state standards for library media specialist.

LBMD 6403

An in-depth study of printed and other types of materials available for use in the elementary grades and middle school. Emphasizes the selection and use of materials to stimulate and improve learning.

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