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ECED 6063

ECED 6323

A study of the theory, materials, methods, and instructional techniques applicable to language development and emergent literacy experiences during the early childhood education years - birth through age nine. This course examines developmentally appropriate integrated and interdisciplinary approaches to literacy development encompassing writing, reading, and oral language development of young children in the home and school environment.

ECED 6363

The maturationist, behaviorist, and constructivist theories will be presented. Content will include the guidelines for developmentally appropriate practice and effective teaching in early childhood settings. Emphasis will be placed on the implementation of these theories into practice including the role of play and developmental approaches to curriculum development.

ECED 6523

Prerequisite: EDFD 6003 Seminar will be based on current interest of students and will swerve as means of synthesizing their experiences. An interdisciplinary approach will be taken to exploring current issues and problems in early childhood education, current happenings as they relate to the issues and major research efforts to support programs. A critical review examination and evaluation of investigations, studies, and other research finding which have special significance for early childhood education will be explored. The implications of this research for educational practice will also be considered.

ECED 6603

Prerequisites: Recent undergraduate/graduate class in child development or permission of instructor. Social/emotional development in infancy and early childhood and the development of parent-child relationships; developmental sequences in infancy and early childhood in relation to lifespan development issues; impact of various disabilities upon attachment and interaction and upon general family adjustment; methods of promoting optimal psychosocial and family development within the context of cultural variations.

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