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Graduate Catalog  2002 - 2003


Board of Trustees

Jim Harwood Fort Smith

Sean McDougal Greenwood

Phil Phillips, Jr. Springdale

Harriet Thone Russellville

Dean Wilburn Harrison

Administrative Officers

Robert Charles Brown, 1993 President
B.A., Northwestern State University, 1967
M.A., Louisiana State University, 1969
Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1976

Jack R. Hamm, 1972 Vice President for Academic Affairs
B.S., Arkansas Tech University,1964
M.S., University of Missouri at Rolla, 1968
Ph.D., University of Missouri at Rolla, 1972

David C. Moseley, 1994 Vice President for Administration and Finance
B.B.A., University of Arkansas at Monticello, 1964
M.B.A., University of Central Arkansas, 1984

Gary M. Biller, 2000 Vice President for Student Services
B.S., Oklahoma State University, 1975
M.S., Oklahoma State University, 1976
Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1986

Jayne W. Jones, 1976 Vice President for Development
B.S., Arkansas Tech University, 1988
M.A., Arkansas Tech University, 2001

Administrative Staff

Brad Bunch Academic Advisor

Tosha Bradley Admissions Officer

Maria Chandler Director of International Student Services

Pat Chronister Director of Academic Services

Murray Clark Director of Arkansas Center for Energy, Natural Resources

and Environmental Studies

Linda Clarke Director of Academic Advising Center

Fred W. Clayton Director of Administrative Services

Brant Collins Coordinator of Information Services

Carolyn C. Crawford Director of Learning Assistance and Testing Center

Gary Dennis Director of Public Safety

Laura Dobbins Director of Donor Relations and Development Services

Shauna Donnell Director of Enrollment Management

Faye B. Drittler Accounting Supervisor

Diana J. Evans Assistant Registrar

Leanne Fender Director of Career Services

Joe Foley Director of Athletics

Beth Foster Purchasing Agent

John Gale Director of Virtual Learning Center

Shirley M. Goines Director of Student Aid

Danette Heckathorn Associate Dean of Students/Counselor

Luke Heffley Director of Special Projects

Gary H. Hodges Controller

Linda Jackson Academic Advisor

Linda Johnson Director of Budget

Marilyn Johnson Business Manager and Director of Student Accounts

Pete Kelly Assistant Dean of Students

Mary Bane Lackie Alumni Director

Jessica Lambert Admissions Officer

Steve Lawrence Associate Dean of Students

Lori LeBahn Dean of Students

R. Herman Luebker Director of Physical Plant

Julie Morgan Public School Liaison

Dana Moseley Director of Annual Giving

Tommy L. Mumert Director of News Bureau

Susie Nicholson Assistant to the President for University Relations

William A. Parton Director of Library

Amy Pennington Director of Residence Life Programs

Thomas Pennington University Counsel

Tammy Rhodes Associate Registrar/Director of Records

Kelley Roach Coordinator of Intramural and Recreational Sports

Judy Robinson Coordinator of Disabilities Services

Donna Rogers Information Systems Specialist

Mary Ann Rollans Affirmative Action Officer

Michael B. Roys Director of Professional Development Institute

Marty Sabolo Associate Dean of Students/ Director of Housing

C. Glenn Sheets Registrar

Merrell E. Shoptaw Director of Computer Services

Larry Smith Director of Sports Information

Judith StewartAbernathy Director of Arkansas Tech University

Museum of Prehistory and History

Carol Trusty Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance

David G. Underwood Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Gail Vaughan Bookstore Manager

Alisa Waniewski Coordinator of Recruitment and Academic Scholarships

Wyatt Watson Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

Priscilla Whorton Admissions Officer

Rita Woolf Director of Health and Wellness Center/Registered Nurse

Steven W. Zimmer Director of Math and Science Institute

Academic Administration

School of Business

Thomas P. Tyler Dean

Royce D. Jones Head, Accounting Department

David W. Roach Head, Business and Economics Department

School of Community Education and Professional Development

Mary Ann Rollans Dean

Affirmative Action Officer

School of Education

Dennis W. Fleniken Dean

David Bell Head, Curriculum and Instruction Department

Gwen Morgan Director of Teacher Education Student Services

M. Annette Holeyfield Head, Health & Physical Education Department

Mary Gunter Head, Center for Leadership and Learning

School of Liberal and Fine Arts

Georgena D. Duncan Dean

Cathy Caldwell Head, Art Department

W. Daniel Martin Head, Behavioral Sciences Department

Carl W. Brucker Head, English Department

Ursula Chandler Head, Foreign Languages

and International Studies Department

V. Andy Anders Head, Music Department

H. Micheal Tarver Head, Social Sciences and Philosophy Department

Donna Vocate Head, Speech, Theatre & Journalism Department

School of Physical and Life Sciences

Richard R. Cohoon Dean

Charles Gagen Head, Biological Sciences Department

Rebecca Burris Head, Nursing Department

James Willcutt Head, Physical Sciences Department

School of Systems Science

John W. Watson Dean

A. Kenneth Pippin Head, Agriculture Department

Larry Morell Head, Computer & Information Science Department

Gill Richards Head, Electrical Engineering Department

John Krohn Head, Mechanical Engineering Department

Donald Carnahan Head, Mathematics Department

Theresa A. Herrick Head, Parks, Recreation and Hospitality

Administration Department

Graduate Studies

Eldon G. Clary Jr. Dean






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