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Graduate Catalog  2002 - 2003

Table of Contents



Graduate Faculty

General Information

The Campus


Mission Statement

Purpose of Graduate Program

Philosophy of Graduate Program

Administration of Graduate Program

Physical Plant

Fees and Charges

Food and Housing

Payment of Accounts

Reduction of Fees and Charges

Traffic Regulations

Financial Aid


Graduate Assistantships

Health and Wellness Center

Disability Services for Students

Learning Assistance and Testing Center

Norman Career Services Center

Academic Information

Admission to Graduate Study

Graduation Requirements


Degree Completion Requirements

Master of Education and Master of Science in Education

Master of Education in Elementary Education

Master of Education in Secondary Education

Master of Education in School Counseling and Leadership

Master of Education in Educational Leadership

Master of Education in Instructional Improvement

Master of Education in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

Master of Science in Education in Gifted Education

Master of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology

Master of Science in Information Technology

Master of Arts in English

Master of Arts in History

Master of Arts in Multi-Media Journalism

Master of Arts in Spanish

Master of Liberal Arts

Educational Specialist Degree

Course Descriptions



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